Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Eagle has landed

Dear readers, followers & foolowers, our surfhouse grew in terms of memberships, 

regarding kaihawaii, who didn't become part of up to now, but MI and his big bro LEO, thus together with UR, member of honor, and Commander OS, MA and LE, and me, MO, we are six plus one, seven of us, here in Southern Germany, Bavaria, not far from us_army garnison and the United States Airforce (USAF), to have a sharp eye in that. Thank you to General Bill by this. Thank you, and best wishes in affairs of consulting with UR. I am only a translater, formerly Team- and Management assist. 

This is all private in human affairs. There is neither money nor capital in here likewise stock holders are used to do that way. And also the Huga Huga Looks is all private and privacy is to be respected.

Where do we live? Check Google Earth to find location by analyzing the following picture (or click my profile).

Here we can do go surfing?

What is next? First I need to go to the town hall for information in order to fetch about the how: what is allowed and what is not allowed. Then, a paperwork is to be done. And third, after having run a 7,5 k competition a 10k - run follow next Friday across that bridge.

Luckily my right knee healed and I can go faster again like 45'. Still slow compared with PB is 39' but what else to do? As to delay 226k triathlon mastery in Germany from this to the next year? Where are my advisors? For sure, Andromeda, a true CPT has to know what to do and find set course hisself in private, likewise a CMD has to find in the military, No matter if British or American? The Guard of Honor is greeting you, you my Ascendant, personally. And I warn you: stop controlling US otherwise, Apache and Black Hawk come. Ist that clear now Mam? And the RAF does invade Scotland and Ire, and the only safe place to hide for you deep down in Loch Ness is, as of the Andromeda Ascendant is capable to fly underwater.

Folks, it is tea, but whiskey-time as well. I like Talkamore Dew, Jameson, too, but do prefer Blair Atholl. Like you can buy in Tom's hut not far from the Spot up the river. Single malt you get in Thuisbrunn at ELCH-BRAEU Like for Always, for sure. Thus, give all you can IRONMAN. In affairs of triathlon, surfing and whisky-drinking. Do not drink plain Beer,  Alec Guinness' Guinness. A pint is too less, do combine with deep throat after made out of Captain Morgan, mostly. Good morning, good afternoon and good night. Bye for now? No! Not yet folks, Not yet. But cheers, onto Englands Victory in Europiean Football Championships UEFA EURO 2024 & see you in both Glücksmühle and Glücksburg.K ind regards, to wherever you are. Even if in down under. And for sure, the Eagle has landed. In 1969, of course. Thus, veterans are warmly welcome, but not so kaihawaii. ;)

Have fun in training and in competition swim, Bike, run and respect the rules of fairplay, sportmanship, fortrigthness, e.g. , respect context and cultural identies of us all for all humankind. Thank you. And thank you. Yes, really, thank you, thank you thank you thank you. And thank you, AA, too. For your presence, reading and overstanding intelligence and apeacement. Ty. 

Cheers, Trimichi (=AT: MO), also known as Commander Michel in the world wide web (the Internet/www). Do not hestitate and use comment function. 

Sincerely, yours.

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