Monday, May 26, 2014

form-check in Weiden short-distance (1,5 - 40 - 10)

Luckily I took the right exit on highway and headed straightly to the location of the event, which was organized pretty good. Not only short-distance was performed. There had been sprint as well for all classes of age, kids, youth and adults, and police celebrated their mastery. After bike check-in there was no doubt left, that all the equipment was at place.

Start at 15.40 o`clock local time, the first 50m in the warm water I felt easy to go in 0:43 sec, and got good position rank two, being together with 9 other athletes on my lane. For 500 meters having had three suckers behind me, holding my legs all the time, I decided to let them pass, which took me 20 sec as of having to stop completely. And? Two of them overtook correctly, but who the hell was the stupido beating my body over and over again while swimming parallelly? Either, ***, you overtake and go ahead or you stay behind! And if you have overtaken, then don´t slow down! You did this maneuver for three times! What do you want to prove to yourself? If faster, than be faster! No problem. But what is this? Holding and beating, ah? Sorry for saying ***, but you are!!! 
Finally after 1300m he fell off, and I found rhythm then, rightly before swim exit. Rather pissed I was overtaken by two women in transition-zone 1. 

Being on bike first lap out of four I was angry and made first 10k in 14:58 min sec, which is speed average of 40km/h. At K 15 I remembered of triathlon being one of there hardest sports at all and took some nutrination (gels). Unfortunatelly a young lady made accident, probably she was unconcentrated blown of the road into the field by wind. Was not so nice to see her laying on ground. But what to do? Quit race? No. 
Second round I needed 16:15 min sec, found my rhythm and ate up some further athletes feeling better and better experiencing fun by high rate of revolutions per minute. The lady was still in bad shape, but supported by professionals now (first aid). Shortly before bike-exit I got the leading woman as well to be in transition-zone 2 in time. My feet had been wet as of fluid that sputtered out of my aero-drink and this way I gathered a lot of dust and little stones on my soles. Thus therefore 2 min where lost to get feet dry and clean to get into my socks properly. 
Nummerus est omen? Gotten 14  - 7 is for short-distance-competition - rank was the same. 

The run-split was okay. First lap out of four, the 2,5k had been done like planned in 9:44 min sec, when I recognized the bad effects of smoking, reduced air capacity, supported by the heat on the track. Somehow I slowed down when I ate up a collegue from an acquainted club. Being pushed by my coach I stayed focussed and became not too slow. At the finish-line like all other finishers I got medal for being successful and twaddled nicely with volunteers and athletes, made few good contacts and found out to be fed up with somking.  However, the result of 2:18 hrs min is not too bad for a first test to get used to logistic routines, pain and strategy. Ranked 14th overall is acceptable. 

Next race is at lake of Roth, called "little Roth", the short-distance-event before best old race CHALLENGE Roth ironman-distance (3,8 - 180,2 - 42,2), which has it´s 30 years anniversery at 20th of July 2014. Hopefully my lungs are recovered till then. We´ll see.

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  1. *edit: today I was informed by locals, that I won my age-group (rank 1).


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