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I do not play the ukulele, but I do play the trumpet!

This e-mail reached me for the "Cappo break" yesterday. Well then, Rox'anna or something like that...


Hello, Michael,
At IRONMAN we perceive many aspects of Hawaiian culture as the birthplace of our competition and venue of the IRONMAN World Championship.Many words in Hawaii have a special meaning that involves more than direct translation - Aloha, Mahalo, Ohana.  Ohana is the term of a large family. It can include your cousins, your friends and your community. Ohana is associated with responsibility and the expectation to act with integrity and good intent - both towards your Ohana and as a representative of your Ohana. It is about acting with justice. It means to be attentive. It is about trying to be willing to learn, understanding and respectful. Ohana represents a special bond: the big family, working together, supporting each other and remembering each other. In 2019 we honour and celebrate our Ohana - you, our athletes, our volunteers, our coaches, our spectators, our t…

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