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Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2024


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link: 17000k along Jbel Toubkal to the Northern Cape and back or 17 countries by bike


Hey folks,

today on here (the internet) time came to introduce a new project.


Wednesday, November 1, 2023

new season ahead: OstseeMan 2024

Having had to pause triathlon this season as of an injury it looks like it is all fine again with my health. Therefore, my training has started - a little overmotivated the last week - with 16:22h added the three disciplines thus in sum. 

What to write? 

It will be tough, and a well tempered or good balanced, sturctural approach is necessarily needed. Like makro- meso- and even microperiodisation. Now, well, 1st of November that is a holiday after Helloween in Germany called "Allerheilligen", bike kilometers' counter is at 431 after 1 1/2 week with a 140k 7:07 h min trip today.


this is me a selfie when training, checking where wind is coming from :D

We will see how it goes, reregistered for OstseeMan (OM), a 226k race in Glücksburg 4th of August 2024, with a holidays planned after in Scotland, including a swing-by in Cambrigde to visit a friend, who is a professor there. Thus, I am not yet sure to go to Glückburg with time trial or gravel-bike, as of the loadings to my car (AUDI) are limited.

For November there is a focus on biking in romatical Franconia in so-called Indian summer, due to the cloures of the leaves and the sunlight rather late this year.

Stay well and enjoy your sports.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

season cancelled - sabbatical ahead

Having had to cancel ISRAMAN as of injury and the flu, now I had had some troubles again and needed to be checked in affairs of health, mentally as well. All fine, but this took time again and for what to push oneself to the edge? As an amateur. What for? Sport ought to make fun. And military discipline in training and competition is something else.


Out of service.

Meanwhile, aged 48, it dosen't make sence to compete for the podium this year in AG45-49. Next year much more better the AG50-54 first time. Transfere slot OSTSEEMAN was successfully from this to next year 226k in Glücksburg. Thus, time for feet up, time to recharge batteries, time for unforced training or a sabbatical like triathletes say.

More over bicycles became status symbols, bike wear is more important than performance, how funny, and bike-packing become mainstream, unfortunatelly. Sure I am a triathlete, for 15 years meanwhile, having finished eight IRONMAN-competitions, Roth, Frankfurt, Züri and even Nice, but how do I look? Neither I do offend myself a carbon gravel-bike for 6000 bucks, nor I look alike Tour de France - starter with time trial helmet sitting on a heavy electro-bike even. 

So for the next year I go for the podium, a ranking within 1-3 in Glücksburg the Age-Group of 50-54. And as of the mainstream, well, ok, this is just ok, bike-packing and ebiking, but really, good for peoples' health and self-eestem. Hard to look like a mainstreamler, but what to do? Just let them. Leave people like they are.

Looking forward to training and competition the season 2024!

Friday, March 10, 2023

Injury: Israman cancelled, Baltic Sea Man (OstseeMan) ahead


Having had to cancel triathlon-competion in Eilat, Israel, late in January, now I am fit again and ready for to focus training onto OstseeMan (OM), swim bike run yes, but early in August in Germany, German Mastery in Glücksburg again. 
Germany: German mastery 2022 - one can see me in the last row at the start - this year again.
Big ty to both EL AL and orga-team of Israman especially for the money refounds - due to a rather servere flu and overcoming pain in my shoulder (technical defect rear gears, uphill, gears broke, fell into the back wheel, fell off onto my shoulder, walked to railway-station in cold rain, had to wait, took the train, rather full of people, and got sick, only laying one and a half weeks in the horizontal was possible, no training for 3,5 weeks at all!), well, weather became partly better. 
Thus, training on bike is possible again, swimming, too, and by this "opportunity" macrocycle in training I did switch from European rhythm to Hawaii'ian system, with begin of training 1st of January in the sheets and sheduls (time tables) - and not like before with 1st Monday in November by a 50k bicycle-ride (like Miguel Idurain did). Furthermore, as of a two month shift of the start of the new season from 11th to 1st month of the season, well, for what to fly to the Canaries if training on bicycle can be done at home on warm days? Pictures shows training in the year of 2017 on Fuerteventura, Espania in April and on Lanzarote eight days each,all inclusive slightly below 1000 EUR. And today? Having had a focus on the third discipline. Outdoors, of course.
Training on the Canaris 2017 on Fuerteventura on MTBs together with a good friend

Training on the Canaris on Lanzarote 2019, here in functional wear hiking across the Island

 Picture in training the year of 2023 at home, Bavaria, Germany, on racing-bike.

Having done a lot of run-training, test races are scheduled in Kallmuenz (21, 095 k in April 🏃and 1,5 - 42 - 10k 🏊🚴🏃 in May; Rothsee-Triathlon not yet registered. ) in preperation for main triathlon-competition in August 226k race OstseeMan (Gluecksburg). Last year I was ranked 128th. This year at German mastery a Top-100 result is possible? Will be tough! 
Race-list complete like the following, as a liscensed athlete this year again at dtu ERDINGER aktiv TEAM:
C - prio / April 15th: 21,098k Kallmünz full half-marathon
B - prio / May 27th: short-distance 1,5 -42-10 k in Kallmünz
C - prio / June 11th: 2,00 k swim at and in Brombachspeichersee
B - prio / July 9th - sprint-distance 0,3 - 20 -5 k in Hersbruck [1]
(Middlefranconian Championships this year)
A - prio / the week-end of  August 6th/7th OstseeMan full-distance 3,86 - 180,2 - 42,195 k in Glücksburg (German Mastery in military, police & DTU [German Triathlon Union])
further, if on demand:  🏃 Moritzberglauf, KLK Landkreislauf/Relay, Leiburger Kirwalauf, Laufer Altstadtfestlauf (in May and in June)
Have fun in training and competition and RACE HARD.

[1] race last year (4 min movie), nice to watch:

Friday, September 2, 2022

just mere pictures from German Mastery '22 (swim bike run 226k)


swim exit after 3,86k in salty water

water temp 19,2°C air even colder

bike set-up: Zipp 808 and Cosmic Carbon 404

180,2k time trail on a nice 4 loops course

grapping nutrination at 3rd loop on bike

"Hello photographer, hello camera."

42,195k marathon to do (1st loop out of 6) 

Here I come rock you like a hurricane! 

Few steps to go? But on red carpet.  

Looking forward to see you all next year again

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Rennbericht zu Glücksburg

einleitende Zusammenfassung

Es war sehr schön, doch leider habe ich versagt. Denn ich belegte nur den 128. Gesamtrang bei den deutschen Meisterschaften im Langdistanztriathlon über die "magischen" 226 Kilometer. 

Wie auf dem Photo zu erkennen ist steht die Glücksburg schief.


Wie ein Depp schwomm ich los. Dummerweise ging ich als Letzter zu Wasser, pinkelte aber nicht schon am Strand. Ich startete also als Letzter. So hatte ich wirklich viel Lust das Starterfeld von hinten her aufzurollen. Mit 1.16 h min aus dem Wasser war ich nicht schlecht.

Wechsel 1

Hier lies ich mir viel Zeit. Zum einen wurde mir nicht warm im Wasser, zum anderen war es auch an der frischen Morgenluft zugig und frisch auch. Für den Wechsel vom Schwimmer zum Radfahrer benötigte ich circa zehn Minuten schon im Wechselzelt. Anschließend raste ich mit meinen Radschuhen wie eine Rakete durch die Wechselzone.


Das Radfahren war sehr super, in meinem Rennzweiteiler fühlte ich mich wohl und auch die Verpflegung auf der Strecke war klasse auf dem sehr schwierigen Rundkurs, den es viermal zu durchradeln galt. Leider wurde ich auf dem Zeitfahrrad immer noch nicht warm. Allerdings klickte ich nach 5.58 h min locker aus und freute mich auf das Laufen.

Wechsel 2

Schon etwas besser orientiert wusste ich was zu tun ist. Laufen. 


Wie ein mieser Wicht legte ich einen Kavaliersstart hin und lief den ersten Laufkilometer in einer 4:30ziger pace. Und den Zweiten, zudem bergauf, noch in 4 Minuten und 45 Sekunden. Obwohl die Strecke dann, auf dem geschätzten dritten Laufkilometer, dort flacher ist, und es auch wieder bergab ging, konnte ich tatsächlich eine glatte 5' er pace (5' 0'') laufen. Hätte ich so weitergemacht, dann hätte ich mich ja überschätzt. So aber konnte ich mein Laufen genießen und musste nicht gehen. Zum Schluss glückte mir ein fulminanter Endspurt in der sechsten Runde und ich überholte noch zwei Athletinnen. Auf einen Schlusssprint musste ich verzichten, denn ein Athlet war im Weg. Durchaus "happy" durfte ich so auch meinen Zieleinlauf genießen.

Nach dem Rennen

Und freute mich über die obligatorische und superschöne Finisher-Medaille, die man mir umgehängt hatte. Im Athletenbereich wurde ich von dem Sieger überrascht. Er lief, wohl auch schon etwas betrunken, dort herum auch. Ich ja nicht, weil ich stolperte und dann auch nur dumm 'rumstehend an meinem dem Flensburger nuckelte. Unter einem Schirm der Landesbausparkasse (LBS) stießen wir miteinander zwei an. Ein ERDINGER ALKOHOLFREI war es jedenfalls nicht. Prost? Das war gut. Denn der Typ hatte wohl seine wie auch ich meine Orientierung verloren? Wohl kaum. Letztlich half er mir bei der Demontage meines Fahrrads auf einem Parkplatz. Sonst hätte es ja vermutlich nicht in den Kofferraum meines AUDI gepasst und ich hätte im Graben pennen müssen? Vielleicht hätte ich "die Waffe" auch in den angrenzenden Wald geschmissen bzw. werfen müssen? Es war mir jedenfalls egal, ich wollte nur noch nach Hause.

Im Moment der meiner tiefsten Verzweiflung, von Ängsten und Bestürzung geplagt, fix unf fertig, total alle nach 12h + Wettkampf, Übernachtung im Zelt bei 4° Celsius um 4.00 Uhr beim morgentlichen Wecken 2h 45 Minuten vor dem Startschuß, nun, da tauchte der Typ mit der Startnummer 17 eben bei dem Zitat "Kotzbrocken" mit der Startnummer 68 noch einmal auf. Ansonsten wäre er wohl nur unter sehr erschwerten Bedingungen nach Hause gekommen. Weil ich und nicht er ja nicht im Graben gepennt hätte neben dem Parkplatz dort und ich mich dann auf der Autobahn zurück nach Bayern "dahutzt" hätte.


Angestrengt habe ich mich nicht können. Angenockt vom Pennen und Frieren im Zelt die Vortrage über. Viel lieber war es mir eine Freude beim Laufsplit den Teilnehmer mit der Startnummer 17 die Worte "streng' dich gefälligst an, du Penner!" zuzurufen. Laut dessen Aussage unter dem Schirm der LBS hatte dies ja vielleicht geholfen. Ansonsten hätten wir ja wohl nicht angestoßen mit Flensburger (Bier) und er hätte es dann auch nicht gesagt: "Prost." Unter dem Schirm. Nachdem wir zusammen "ein Bier getrunken" haben.


Vermutlich geht es nach der 20. Ausgabe der Triathlon-Veranstaltung für mich auch im nächsten Jahr wieder ins sehr schöne Glücksburg, falls es die Inzidenzen auf Grund der Corona-Pandemie wie heuer zulassen. Angemeldet habe ich mich bereits wieder.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Triathlon along the short-distance (1,5 - 42 - 10) at Lake of Roth

Dear readers, 

it is rather hard to write about that race. Because after 15 years on TRI(athlon) and a finisher-quote of 100.00% exactly according to DNF is no option, well, at 19th of June 2022 I suffered my 1st defeat. I finished, in 2:42 h min, ranked 162, but how. And was defeated. But really? Race after analysis helped.

To make it short and tighten: after having finshed IRONMAN NICE the year of 2019 in France at 44° Celsius, I underestimated the weather like "if can finish 226k at 44°C, well, 30° C + no problem at all!". However, it had been 36°C in average, measurement of time in the lake at a water temperature of 24,4°C calculated in. So, not likewise in Nice, wet-suits had been forbidden. 


Felt rather good in the water. After succesful test in Weiden (C-Prio Race) I degraded the race from B- to C-priority. Thus, swimming was smooth and fun but got shocked 10th to 12th out of the water my start-group best male amateurs. Was unbelievable slow with 28' 52 sec transition time not included, ranked 102nd out of all swimmers inculding the 80 top male and female athletes (waves 1, 2 and 3) as well.

Micho somewhere in the rockin' pack shortly after top amateurs' (wave 4) start at the shore lake of Roth.


What to do? Lost 4 minutes in the water and hang loose wasn't an option anymore. I had to attack in order to make a good time. Thus, I decided to make loss of time not more worse, to ride harder than planned but not too hard in order to pace fast the 3rd discipline faster than in Weiden clocking 4:00 min sec /k, and realtered the race to B-Prio and thus a real test all out and RACE HARD.


Was fun felt strong and pushed rather hard. In 2017 my time at relay bike only was 1:12 h min. That Sunday, with 1:15 h min without transition time all went fine. However, heat was on the street and I ignored. The last 5 of the 42k I felt done on my time-trial bike and took out to attack on the run split. All not too bad, despite of bad swim-split and thus personal best (2:19 h min that race that courses) was out of range. Meanwhile and that was pretty uncool. What to do? Sub 2:20 no way, ok, than it had to be a sub 2:30 h min like planned for that a C-Prio race even valid in the morning race before.

Approaching transition-zone after 42k on bike, not so many spectators to see, may be as of the heat.


Went fine, not too fast, not too slow. Leaving transition-zone muscles felt allright ciao.


The first 700m I felt good, and like when personal best pacing was 3:35 min sec a k like that. But then, when Km-1-sign came in sight, speed dropped down and I felt power did drain. And nothing to do against it! Thus k1 I bypassed at 4:04 min sec, not too bad, but power did not come back. Thus I took out a little the 2nd k was 4:30 min sec. Meanwhile I felt it became hot (38° Celsius), and the gravels did not only reflect the mere sun impact, but also dust on the track as of a draught. K3 was already close to 5 min and this was my mental collaps. Finally, final time and the result would be a disaster. Well, 1st lap was 28 min 5k but it became even harder and my decision was to finish correctly with a smile in my face despite of all felt beaten up. Pace went down to 5:30 min sec a k like in training and even slower and I questioned if I needed to seriously quit drinking alcohol and a cigarette from time to time, or if I have Covid-19. Was hard to breath. K8 to k9 I realized, like in Nice, that cold showers helped. Too late. Moreover I drank too less and lost 3,5 kilograms that race, not yet really dehydrated, but still.

Closely to the end of  lap 1 out of 2 at k5 on a hilly run course here on asphalt much more nice to run but on sandy and gravel ways, too.


Here you can see the two main effects (in red). FACTOR A consists of heat, humidity and most critical there was no time for acclimatisation as of temperatures were below 30° C at Saturday and between 25°C and 28  degrees Celsius the weeks before and this "compound" component created terrible interaction effects. FACTOR B was a wrong mind set, I mean what to do in a second test-race for priority-A competiton at Baltic Sea Man (OstseeMan OM 226k) in August, when first test race in May was a success already, thus somehow I got fixed to the idea to compensate that mental leakage by making a time closely to personal best by a wrong motivation in combination with having set race to false prio race before, and realtered priority from C to B, correctly, but while racing (FACTOR B).

Content of the picture: what a psychologist does at University with chalk onto the blackboard? Not so, what a psychologist does in his spare-time? 1st, it is just a development and the internal and external measurement models aren't specified, precisely, yet, calculater was at its maximum, and 2nd, science is international and open to pubilc.


Am pround to be a finisher the day after and this reminds me of what is the most important. That we are all triathletes no matter of times. 

P.S.: hang loose, yes, always, but DO NOT ALTER  race-priorities unlike planned slightly before a race & especially DO NOT REALTER prio during the race. If you think professional. ;) 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

2d in the saddle with loadings triathlon after

Triathlon after normal it is recommended to relax and reload batteries, regeneration is needed to recover from stress, both mentally and bodily and sure the body needs to rest race-after. Somehow I decided on Sunday to start to bike testing my new electronic equipment in affairs of bike-packing.

 pic 1: my bike new electric equipment on in the low-rider system (front) at the lake of Happurg

The first kilometers had been easy and after a break, some twaddling and a beer at a camping-site in Etzelwang it was fun to ride on single-trail and cross country direction to the East, to reach the fishing ground as of me, licensed for a life-time, I took my fishing rods with me (as you can see on pic 1)

pic 2: this houses are where I do train with racing-bike alonga barred road in winter, wheres in spring, sure, off-road biking is possible

Actually it was planned to stay overnight at Monte Kaolino camping-site, but hunger was strong, so in Hirschau I discovered Istanbul Döner store to my surprise and ate a lot had cool Cokes and recovered until decision was made to continue riding in the twilight at full moon.

pic 3: famous sand factory at Mt. Kaoline Hirschau producing pure white, Sunday, 15th of May

Having to have set front and rear lights it had been another 25 Kilometers to go at night to reach the lake for fishing and camping. Luckily, having arrived lately at Sunday, I was the only one there in an area we call Bavarian Canada. 

pic 4: the next day, Monday, 16th of May

Having had a good night in the tent fsihing was fun, caught two fishes, a breese fish and a rahter big carp a little later. I decided to make fish-soup out of it (pic 5) and made no fire. Then, all the loadings had to be reordered onto the bike. Outward journey took me 113 kilometers, return journey was 100 kilometers, back along rivers, Mt. Kaolino, Istanbul Döner in Hirschau, but the, without detour, the straight way home, having had alcoholics at filling-station in Sulzbach-Rosenberg and at Papa Joes in Etzelwang, before the last 35k had to be absolved in the sunset.

pic 5: having had to smoke while preparing fish-soup on Monday

All in all I was 12 hrs and 12 minutes in the saddle at an average of 17,6 km/h and loadings like normal between 25 and 32 kilogram. Was fun to ride, camp and fish. With the new equipment, including a new world receicer also, I can directly load with solar-panel. Having had some beer after arrival and fun to explore the treetops and see through to discover the stars, well, I found out with my own eyes of the Earth is moving listening to the music, that stems from radio "Coca-Cola" (pic 6). 

pic 6: world receiver radio "Coca-Cola"

This reminds me to a good old joke: "Who had been the first on the Moon? Well, it had been the Russian. As of the Russians on painted the moon all red. The American were second, but wrote Cola-Cola on it."

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Triathlon along the short-distance (1,2 - 36 - 12,8) in Weiden, Germany

Yesterday there was a very well done organized triathlon in Southern Germany, the district of Oberpfalz, in a town called Weiden officially along the Olympic Distance (OD), but the distances were a joke as of OD is normed to 1,5 - 40 - 10 kilometres. Finally I was ranked 2nd my age-group (professional) TEAM ERDINGER ALKOHOLFREI in 2:29 h min officially. Even the my swim start was a disaster, I was too late at the start and had to battle the field, with approximately two minutes more on the clock as of me having been too late, from behind. A guy from the us_army was even more stupid I guess, he overtook me the second lap while the swim-split. Actually I was not too late as on my watch I was one minute at the start-line to the water before the start. How came? Twaddling with athletes from German army and national league and having had seven beers the day before I thought I was in time.


After two to three minutes in the water contact to the end of the field could be established the first round in the Weiher (lake). Guess I was clocking 1:40 min sec pace  / 100m. That was completely all right ciao, as of the having set competition to C-priority. Round three it became fun to swim, however the swim-split was over, already. After 20 minutes like that. I did not start my watch time meassure that time in the race.


Took too long, needed to run round about 300 metres to my time-trial bike and wet-suit to undress was hard as of the transponder-chip, more over I twaddled with athletes. Guess my first tansition-time was 5:30 min sec.


The four rounds bike course was nice to bike and I came back after 1:03 hours min according to my chronometer on the bike. Was fun to ride despite of a technical problem with the my bike's gear system as I could not up-shift to the heavy gears. However, I found out on the bike as of the course was too short, thus not 40k like it was said it is.


Took some time, maybe three and a half minute.


Rather motivated, now, I really believed to run sub40 min the 10 kilometres as of the years before and according to my personal experience the 4 loops run-course was 9,6k, only. However, the 1st round took me 7 min 30 seconds. Asking the audience by loudly shouting as of how many loops to run while running I got different answers by the audience shouting back loudly as well, thus the answers were 4 and 8 loops. The second loop was 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Thus, well, I decided to keep that pace as I knew of the professionals a round is 1,4 kilometers. Race after the women professionals told me of the course is 1,6k a loop one according to thier satellite computers. Meanwhile in round 3, I kept pacing and found my pace no need to speed up as of C-prio I personally shedulded this competition in Weiden (Germany). Round 4 it became fun to race harder as of I knew I will be successful. A running athlete on the track told me it are 8 loops to go and the calculation is easy, thus 8 multiplied with 1,25k. This was a little insult, but for me it sounded like music as I knew I had to go for 8 loops. So decision was to keep pacing 6' 30'' this that "mile" (one single loop) the my 5th loop. 

Meanwhile the organizer cleaned the air by the loudspeakers and thier anouncement as of the run-course is an eight loop one. Thus I was sure to keep pacing the 6th loop and ovetook a competitor I destroyed during the bike-split on my bike, he did overpower, i guess, thus I overtook him the last and 4th loop the bike-course shortly before the last 180°-turn from North to South heading transition-zone then, again. On my watch I started when leaving transition-zone the second time, well, well, then also the counter on my clock showed of the 7 like the referees did agree on. So then in the my loop 7 I really enjoyed my running, but then in final lap already and thus the las kilometer ahead soon, well, I needed to something having ovetaken Dieter Wolf in the 7th round. Now again - means: good morning, good afternoon and good night - and I needed to avoid of being accused as of the my lazyness, well, I kept pacing the 8th and final round and sprinted in the last 200m, turned right and hurried up the last meters big steps to cross the finish-line. Offcial time in sum was a very high 2:29 min sec, thus below two and a half hours. The time for my run-split on my clock was 54 min 44 seconds. 


The winners had been honored. Me also as of my silver-medal. Thus I had a beer free of alcohol, unluckily it wasn't ERDINGER ALKOHOLFREE, but Maisel I guess, also a very good beer. at least. Thus I decided to drink another one.:) Luckily Faris (former trainer ELITE TEAM GERMANY, our national trainer) was not there, otherwise I really would have to be in the need to race hard.

content of the picture: showing my finisher medal

Check-out went fine, we I myself Trimichi took B470 to pay Eschenbach (i.d. Oberpfalz) closely to military area Grafenwöhr a visit. There, I took a ride further in the my AUDI as of sponsors, German Mastery along the middle-distance this year in Ingolstadt very late in May, paid the parking-place of the local hotel a visit and drove away. Then I had a meal at McDonalds closely to Autobahn A9 and finally I paid ice-cream-parlour a visit. 

The onwer, his name is Sandro Tempesti, invited me to an espresso.There we sat on his bench. A big plane of there Bundeswehr, probably Herkules Transall, was our all witnesses'. Then Sandro closed his ice-cream parlour, I finished up smoking, too, dorve off and bought tobacco at in the a local-filling-station. A red Ferrari (looked like Testarossa, but I am not sure; wasn't one of the Eighties, but looked a alike imho, my first impression as of the world famous Testarossa FERRARI red) made noise, when I went out of the filling-station. Finally I had a true beer, one with alcohol in, I mean, at home then, after I unloaded the my equipment and stuff from the AUDI 1st, for sure and of course. And not before.

Tipp: always have Klo-Paper (Klopapier) in the back of the car.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

losing 2 kg within 2 days, while eating like wild in the wilderness...

 ... or 293k 3219m of elevation within 36 hours. 

Broadly fed up as of the new magazine GRAVEL - all terrain and as of the weatherforecast (airport) shortly determined the decision was to hike from Naumburg (Saale) around 300k South home across Rennsteig, a famous running area located in the Thüringer Wald, the woods of Thüringen with the former Iron Curtain across on two wheels at rainy and snowy conditions.

the arrival day in at Naumburg / evening 

bridge across the river of Saale the next day

How comes? Well, the new magazin is about gravel-biking and bike-packing, yes, but first edition is about all terrain. This is ridiculous as of tourists won't go all terrain (ATC is something different, sure/ ATC is a short-cut for insiders, only), thus, yes, it does remind to good old times, of triathlon, if course, of course.

hotel checkpoint charly, truly, somewhere in Germany

Well, having started at 9.30 AM having had a longer rest over night somewhere closely to the river of Rodach the terrain kept hilly as of detour moreover, like always. At the first day pacing at river of Saale was good, but then uphill parts came again, unfortunatelly. 

power plant / damming up river of Saale

Having slept rather good as of good equpiment also, well, the second day was tricky, too. Over all  temperatures had been very slightly above and at zero at day-light and below after sunset. Over all cycling time was 17 hours and 38 minutes that makes an average of speed like 16,25 km/h rounded to quartiles (equitation: day 1 16,09 km/h + day 2 16,62 km/h = 32,71 km/h :2) Slow? No, not really and in some areas my gravel-bike had to be pulled up at inclinations up to 30° throughout the woods with a loadings of 40 kilograms, including bike's weight, sure, testing new equipment under serious conditions.

Oh! What is there on my way? Thank God, it is a San Mig. 

Luckily the weather even became more "bad" in the afternoon the second day and the last 65k were tricky to ride on as of the snowfall again. Having headed Wurzbach Valley and ended up in the Valley of Rodach, the towns of Kronach, Kulmbach, Himmelkron and Bayreuth became aims the 2nd day and this was difficult in affairs of navigion, in order to keep pacing to be home in Franconian Switzerland in time.

last hours snowy hill-tops, that started to become unpassable 

Thus, all went fine, home again at 8:15 PM the next day, thank you to my mentor and regards to sponsors as well. Best support was at OMV filling-station Oberrodach, thus a sorry to ELO filling station? You might go invest there. Lots of bike-packers will be there the spring, summer and autum season, who need food and good coffee, water and twaddling, and sure, some more beergardens to open might be a good investment, too. 

But hey, let's first see what new season does bring concerning triathlon and competitions. Me, I became proudly part of TEAM ERDINGER ALCOHOLFREE / Munich (hq) for this season by the means of German Triathlon Union (DTU) / Frankfurt (hq). 

My suggestion for the 2nd edition of GRAVEL sub-title would be: all weather? Happily I know of having confirmed and set a new trend again that takes some time to become the mainstream ...

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Europatriathlon beendet


Abenteuerliche Radsportreise eins Laufer Ausdauersportlers  über 6445 Kilometer

Anfang Juli, den 4. Juli 2021 brach der Laufer Ausduersportler und Ironman-Triathlet Michael Lorenz zu einer Reise ins Ungewisse auf. Nach Absage des OstseeMan hatte der Triathlet die Möglichkeit an einem IRONMAN teilzunehmen in der Danziger Bucht. Daraus wurde nichts, weil Lorenz 8 Länder bereiste und dabei 33477 Höhenmeter „erradelte“ in 55 Tagen.

Nach dem circa 25 Kilogramm Gepäck auf sein Geländerennrad auf vier Packtaschen verteilt war, ging es 10 Tage lang, über Röhn, Weserradweg und die Elbe weiter nach Dänemark. Von Fredrikshavn hetze der Laufer quasi mit der Fähre nach Göteborg über. Um die Fähre rechtzeitig von Karlskrona nach Danzig zu erwischen. Da die Durchführung des Ironman in Polen aus seiner Sicht wahrscheinlich war, entschied sich der Sport für eine Radrundreise die er „schon 2020 auf dem Schirm“ hatte. Westlich von Stockholm aus radelte er bis Umea, setzte von dort nach Vaasa über und befand sich nunmehr in Westfinnand, von wo aus ihm der Regen zusetzte. Über die Küstenstädte Pori, Rauma, und auch Turku ging es weiter nach Helsiniki, von wo aus der Sportler die Fähre nach Tallinn nahm, zumal im „in Mittelschweden entgültig der Gaul durchging“. Weil unklar blieb, ob der Enea IRONMAN Poland auch wirklich stattfinden würde. Dort angekommen inspizierte er die Radstrecke des Ironman in Estland, und bemerkte nochmalig und letztlich, „weil es mir egal war“, dass er es nicht mehr rechtzeitig bis zur 1. Auflage dieses Veranstalters in Polen schaffen würde. So musste dann der Laufer tatsächlich wie ein Jahr vorher geplant durchs Baltikum, über Estland (EST), Lettland (LV) und Litauen (LT) nach Hause radeln in seine fränkische Heimat.

Viele Grüße nach Sibirien. Auch dort wird diese Seite gelesen. 

Bildinhalt: wie geht es hier nach Lettland?  Lietuva: 1 Kilometer. Im Bilde Michael Lorenz. Photo: privat.

Aus seiner Sicht unterschätzte der Sportler aus Lauf, dass Polen sehr groß ist und auch Tschechien nicht so leicht zu durchradeln ist. Vor allem in Süden Polens kamen noch einige Höhenmeter dazu, sowie auch in Westböhmen. Immerhin 33477 lt. Seiner Tachoanzeige.  Das entspricht in etwa vier sogenannten „Everestings“, die durch Trends abzeichneten und durch die Coronakrise mit bedingt  wachsender Beliebtheit in der Ausdauersportszene erfreuen. „Kurz vor dem Brechpunkt“ baute Michael Lorenz sein Zelt bei Regen und circa 4,5° Celsius im hohen und nassen Grass ab, hatte „die Schnauze voll“ und radelte am letzten Tag der seiner ungewöhnlichen Reise 203 Kilometer von Zlutice nach Hause. Kurz vor dem Hirschbachtal erwischte ihn strömender Regen. Ausgekühlt freute sich der Triathlet, dass er am letzten Tag mit 1799 Höhenmetern auch den diesbezüglichen Tagesrekord erzielt hatte.


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