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1, 2, 3 and counting

Having been untertaken a new x-ray investigation by the chief-surgeon, who does support athletes during triathlon competitions even on the Hawaiian Islands at the IRONMAN world-championships, early in January, well, he advised me to better remove the titanium in my arm in the off-season and not now. However, I was given green light for all three disciplines and any triathlon competitions, too. Actually, I am really happy of not having lost my arm. And now I am allowed to swim, bike and run again! 
Thus, it made sence to repair my bicycles, especially to renew gear systems, completely. Both material and the repair at a mechanics is round about 400 EUR plusminus a bike. It depends on the components. The last months time was plenty of, enough for checking the web for fine offers. In sum all the new gear-system including special keys for that kind of mechanics were at 90,- EUR a bike. Besides all the keys necessary for the propper adjustment of the sprockets and shafts a compass is needed …

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