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two stupidos on the road to Roth

What is a triathlete without a car? A triathlete without a car is lost. Rather simple. How to transport all the staff? And what is a triathlete without a team? Luckily my own team was founded and supported from the local filling-station ELO with alcoholics not only for the race-after celebration.
Thus, for the last week three things of importance are to be reported. First, my friend Heiko, who is the Geschwadermaster (a most best athlete of the NATO-squadron [Jagdgeschwader 73]) founded Team LORENZ by online-registration on the Rothsee-Triathlon, a short-distance-race or a 5i50 IRONMAN, executed last Sunday, coached by the Geschwafelmaster himself (me, Micho a ka Labarito), who became domesticated, too, having gotten all 400 out of 400 points in a 4 hrs manual-test in social-psychology at German University. A result never appeard bevor. 100.00%.

two Trottels make the trottle: intelligence and strength on wheels (a ka Team Lorenz).

Secondly,  it was Heikos turn to bring honor to the team,…

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