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Frankfurt once loved me...

Yes, Frankfurt once was place of getting honors and merits. This year not so. The 28th of October had been the most cold day of the month. Some athletes did not dare to breath like normal and used mouthpiece. It was cold, very cold. And coldness isn`t a feature that supports a marathoni and a maratonni (derived from the word ton; it is said that marathon-runners or so-called marathonis over 80Kg are called maratonnis) like me. 83 Kg are better than 88 - like in summer 2018 - for a 1.92m male, but still four kg to loose till Nice in June. And now, even worse for to stop being a "fatty", its going to be winter, the time the body looks for fats, sweets and special dishes like roast pork in gingerbread sauce. Or take glowing wine. The wine is served hot at Christmas-Markets. It is not only our stone-age-body does look for good nutrination in order to manage to by pass winter, no! Jesus...
Having been in 1st class hotel in Frankfurt, thus thank you to sponsors, it was really a r…

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