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Ironman France 30.06.2019

Ironically, what weather-god had in mind with the Laufer triathlete Michael Lorenz. While the early summer heat was already causing quite a stir in his country, heat record of up to 45 degree celsius at the top in France were also reported in Nice. The long-distance triathlon at the Cote d' Azur is due to swimming in the sea, the bike-splits elevation with a rise as its heart of 23 kilometers nonstop to the Col des l'Ecre up to 1200 meters and a technically difficult descent back to the cosmopolitan city one of the deamanding and a treachering racees among in the ironman-series. Under tropical conditions to do it had been a top difficulty to finish on the Promenade des Anglais in the final thrid discipline.
Since the supposed catastrophee had occured already, due to the weather, all that was needed was to reach the finish-line healthy. Bad crashes in the mountains -  dehydration caused errors in steering and technical defects (tyre blowouts) due to the heat - as well as ambul…

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