Sunday, February 7, 2021

Season 2021 - interim conclusion

Dear folks, followers and foolowers ; - ) , my dear audience, thank you for reading.

Having started training in September 2020, the first five meso-training-periods had been done. Thus, September easy training, with pushing hard the ongoing months with a longer break from the middle of January 2021 till now. Tomorrow activities in endurance sport, mainly at base-level, are relaunched. 

Season 2021 will be tricky again. There is a 400m-all out swim-test shedulded 1st of April open water like a Cooper-Test (3,2k or 2 miles) has to be done early April, also. Meanwhile I decided to stop indoor-biking, no more indoor-biking at all. This was a difficult decision as for Ostseeman and according to the bike-split, 30/30 and 40/20 intervalls are needed to be done outdoors. In the literature, this is not the same than short powerful uphill-intervalls, that are up to 60 - 90 seconds. The bike-split at Glücksburg is a four loops course, that has corners, u-turns and small hills. Thus, uphill-training is not that much recommended the long and powerful way, like e.g. 5 x 12 minutes. Moreover, like mentioned, 4 x 40 minutes in time-trial mode is going to be done in training, starting with 4 x 10 minutes at race-pace in April. Thus enough time for short hard intervalls on flat terrain and brutal uphill sprints, also good for the 3rd discipline e.g. 100m full sprints at 10% inclination. For the 1st discipline athletic-training is done at home, thus push-ups, sit-ups and so forth, but no special training with elastic ropes e.g. As a rather good swimmer in techniques it should not be a problem to get fit for OSTSEEMAN 1st of August as soon tempertures are sufficient and may be pools do open in May.

Micho on his FOCUS IZALCO CHRONO made by Andreas Walser.

So tomorrow, after a 3-week-holidays, I do restart my routines in order to be fit for 400m-test in the water, a cooper-test in April and to lay ground for fast and long bike intervalls. I do not think as of the virus and do trust politicans and event-managers to find realistic and acceptable solutions. For that purporse I ordered full face masks. In case of race-directors decide their use as a duty? No, just for fun and to look like a fighter jet-pilot on bike.

Train safe and love sport! See you on the tracks and thank you this way to my sponsors, my pr-agent Jutta Keller (click: and my team-mates. What did I do meanwhile? A trophy-gallery says more than 1001 pictures. [1]

Yours, sincerely,

Michael Lorenz a ka Micho


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Preparing for the ongoing season with OM '21 as A-Prio

Having travelled by bike and by caravan thru Germany, Switzerland and France, presently we already checked-out and had time for the most important to do Australia. Luckily, the new Wi-Fi ob Board does work well, thus good opportunity to follow my duties that contain having created shedules, that contain my own, too, for sure.

Like Anne Haug, Ironman Worldchampion of the last year, did recommend, long and slow base-level activities are to be done during the summer. With 2249k along 18 stages I did, partly supported from the Caravan, partly not. In the middle of France I decided to head Bordeaux instead of Nantes. Then we met for surfing in the region of Bayonne and took flights from Paris to Northern Territory. Thus, August and September are shedulded as unstructured and easy training, as of holidays, office-stuff and surfing to be done, but nut only. May be we marry in Ooctober.

Training-sheldule for Michael Lorenz for OM '21 sub10h trial:

OCT: Regeneration-Period
NOV: Base 1 (3:1)
DEC: Base 2 (3:1)
JAN:  Base 3 (3:1)
FEB:  Base 4 (3:1)
MAR: Base 5 (3:1)
APR: Base 6 (3:1)
MAY: Build 1 (3:1) Test-Race 16.5.2021 along the Olympic-distance in Weiden (Oberpfalz, Germany)
JUN: Build 2 (3:1)
JUL: Peek (3:1)
AUG: Race, 1.8.2021 along the magical of 226k in and around Glücksburg (Germany, Ostsee).
Holidays amount this period in above in total: 21d. 

LIT: <tit> S.E.R.I.O.U.S. Training for endurance athletes; <aut> Joe Friel.

This is a picture of her wedding-dress bought at Alice Springs (left one), shoes also. I will wear my triathlon-racing-suit in mimikry-yellow & vulcano-blackstone plus flips-flops , to respect the marriage-tradition of the Philippines, sure.

Now it is really time to go for the playa, regards from Stockholm, like triathletes say in such a case. For sure I do go swimming, cycling is needed to be paused for some time, but jogging is on duty, sure. Eventually after return to Europe I might participate in 10k or even HM-competitions in Autum. We'll see. 


CLEANING THE AIR at 4th of November 2020:

- to show off marriage-dress that way does mean of marriage, yes, but with Us-Army, sure, for to go race hard as a registered athlete for USAG at OM '21, if Mr. Husen (race-director) still has the trousers on we all hope so. Micho will be faster than those elite-troops from the German military. Have a bet? 

- actually it is unlikely of OSTSEEMAN ist eaten up by the company of IRONMAN, despite of the fact the company was sold from a Chinese to the Californian Billionaire for 730 Million US Dollar early this in this that year 2020. That means 180 Million US Dollar plus (plusminus) for the WANDA group. Good to know of the General Manager made transfer IRONMAN to the us again. It´s coming home, like insiders said.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

new season ahead: Ostseeman 2021

Dear followers and readers,

meanwhile it makes no sence to push thru the season 2020 as of this "Corona" all competitions are cancelled. So me I myself Micho decided to quit this season today. From tomorrow on, the new season starts, having a meeting at the pool at 11:00 o' clock with best friends.

Like one can see on the picture there are two "fat ladies" within. I gave up smoking. The two ciagars are from my sponsor (Elo) and are going to be smoked race after, Ostseeman 2021, 1st of August. Thank you very much to the event-manager in person also for make transfer slot go, moreover, by this way, too.

trophy collection containing two fat ladies for my best friend and me for OM 2021 race after

Meanwhile I did seven races along the 226k distance. The green medal at the right onto the arrow is from relay-competition along the 226k with me as the swimmer, having mangaged a sub9h. Sub9h as a single starter is not possible, however, if all wents well, and that is why I need to give up smoking, tomorrow, on Sunday, 28th of June 2020, well, a sub10h result can be possible, that is difficult to get as of the wind on at th Balic See (Ostsee) is very strong and bike split is hard.

In terms of training this means 10 month of base level activities 2 month of build-phases and one month or mesocycle of tapering in July 2021, then.

Let´s see how it goes. Press thumbs for Micho to stay safe and healty, that is the most important in any sport. And if all does go good, well then, kick Micho´s arse for to race hard at Glücksburg!


Saturday, June 20, 2020

holidays on gravel bike (review)

When holidays started on 11th of June, well, I did not think to be back eight days later. Actually I wanted to bike to Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States, Russia (Kaliningrad), Poland and Czech Republic. Biking North from my home here in 91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany, I got stuck in bad weather, but not only.

Altogether I made 754 Kilometers in 6 days. The first day was good and flat, then it became hot and sunny uphills. The third day I bypassed the former iron curtain and headed to Poland. Unfortunatelly weather changed and I go stuck in massive thunderstorms and lightning. e.g. I camped on open filelds and put the bike under the only tree some serveral meters away as of those flashes above. After days in the rain I decided not to go via Poland to Scandinavia, for swiming, fishing, kayaking and boat-trips, and re aimed Rostock in order to set over to Trelleborg by ferry-boat. 

Spaghetti for breakfirst in the open filed.

As of massive traffic violation I was hunted by the police throughout three of the 16 states of Germany. Next days and had to sleep closely to former military training areas in order to hide, too. Not only accused as of traffic violations, I was supposted to be  terrorist also and, meanwhile, WANTED in all over Europe (INTERPOL). In sum, well, fed up of the rain, wind and the police I decided to got a hike home by a ghost-company I do have work and friend, and am back home in Bavaria, where I am protected by the law of the state, now. 

This summer  there is enough time to get prepared for the Ostseemann (OM) the next year, a 226k long-distance-triathlon in Glückburg. Thank you to the event-managers for transfer like it is difficult to do so for the K-SK, and invitation to IDF moreover. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

summer 2020 no competitions at all - strategies

Meanwhile, as of that corona, virus, almost all competitons in endurance sports had been cancelled. Both professionals and amateurs in affairs of triathlon, having trained months for mega-events, needed to make alter strategy and are confronted with similar challenges.

In normal times it are the amateurs, that build the basis of the pyramid that is the carrier for the professionals onto the top. While professionals are payed for performance, theses days amateurs might lack motivation. Especially in spring, when the top-form is going to be shaped by intervall-training and so-called monster-training-units, like 130 Kilometers on bike and 25k run nonstop after in order to get fit for 226k-race in Frankfurt, Hamburg or on the Hawaiin Islands. All the letter competitions had been delayed, competitons of other labels had been cancelled. This has to do with the new, American, owner of the company, that had been sold to the Chinese in 2015 for 650 Million of US dollars. Now, the stock holders are from the West Coast and do invest in internet, communication and it-solutions like this, but bought IRONMAN for 730 Million of US Dollars. It´s coming home, like insiders said. Or is it vice versa? The professionals are fed up but the amateurs are motivated as of the Pros cannot perform and the amateurs feel like always, do swim, bike and run for fun?

Difficult affairs need smart solutions. Instead of travelling by mountainbike I bought a gravel-bike for this year. 

Competitons, both core values like fixed on this blog [1] and visions of the sport are needed to survive the crisis. What to do if customers do not buy a new time trial bike? Well, rather easy. If one does love our sports and has fun, one might like to buy a new bike nevertherless. If one does for the purposes pf posing, showing of bikes as status symbols, well, this year isn't a good opportunity. There won't be photos from the finish onto red carpets, no cameras on the bike-course or swim-exit, too.

Meanwhile it is June and extent and intensity of training has been reduced systematically. Having had a lot of work and paperwork in May I am looking forward to cycling in summer. Hopefully some competitions in the 3rd discipline, a 10k run or a half-marathon, can be conducted in autum.

Last year I went to th South by bike (Athens) im summer, this year I go North, having Sweden on the list. May be Greta T, has time for a cyclist from Bavaria for an autograph-lesson.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

golden year has been cancelled

Meanwhile all events in endurance-sports concerning triathlon had been cancelled. There is no Collins-Cup, no Olympic Games, no Ironman in Hamburg and Frankfurt had been delayed. If Ironman on Hawaii can take place is a big question. Team Bahrain members, professionals, keep on tri-ing, like e.g. Jan Frodeno does indoor-ironman at home or Alistar Brownlee collects miles for social purposes, too. Me, as an amateur, not having trained for Kona Big Island, I do not.

A-priority competition, the Ostseeman, has been cancelled and all the other events, too. There is only a sprint-distance left that still has status go. However,  0,3 - 20 -5 kilometers are not the same than 3,8 - 180,2 -42,2 kilometers. What to do? Keep on training? In Bavaria outdoor-sports as a single athlets or groups in two are allowed. After having done seven ironman-distances and together with PROs in relay having fought the clock sub9 (8:59:35 h min sec) in Roth 2016 for me it is time set new goals. The Ostseeman was planned to be a milestone in order make qualification in 2021 for ironman on Hawaii. Motivation based on military ranking in order to compete with participants from the special forces. Moreover as part of the team located in the Arabic culture and a lot of money having set, like in 2014, when such a delegation was in Nuremberg for business having watched Challenge Roth in their leizure time, well, for 2020 this was all for nothing and contracting ended last week, when I was allowed to and retreated from this sponsoring by such a billionaires. This has to do with the crash of  PS752, too, that changed priorities anyway in January. Moreover, there will not be any further investigation of those two eurofighters of the German military lost at the Ostsee last year in 2019. And especially as of last year I took a high risk ride by bike  through the Balkans, having had MAD (the internal German military secret service) as my companion. Misson was partly succsessful. Norhtern Marcedonia is within the NATO now, but not so Serbia. This does all sound crazy, I know. To be honest, there was no time for being crazed at all. For me, almost 20 years after 9/11 and gotten hooked up within the last millenium, now it looks like corona-catastrophee brought peace. What to do as of this affairs? If you are interested in check search the web for the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) and a B-weapon specialist` in the rank of a Lt. Cmdr. report as of what happened in Wuhan. Me, I'm too old, meanwhile that Corona Crisis is a good opprtunity to close that blog.

If you are interessted in this my whole personal desaster 3athletisches & 3athletisches can tell you. It had been analysed by think-tank of German special command forces. Nowadays, and with that Pandemia, these things there are not part of the agenda anymore.

However, endurance- and multi-sports are more than competition. It is rather a good philosophy than can bring you through life despite all things one is hooked up to.

This is where you might find me: somewhere among or on those Jurassic Sea's stones.

The last words are dedicated to my benefactor, who made me split by using power and knowledge. He liked to say: It is nice to be important, but is more important to be nice.

 As of visions & values (and thus backup):

"On the path of deception we will prevail."

Friday, April 10, 2020

CCC - Corona Crisis Cup

This kind of flu called corona like the mexiacan beer also affected sports, sport-events and triathlon-competitions. Three of my six registered races had been cancelled and delayed.

Therefore some activists called for CCC, that is not Chaos Computer Club, an organisation initiated by hackers to show facilites and services lacks in security-systems, e.g. in atomic power plants the last millenium. By the way, nowadays, some of those hackers had been hired and do work for the German secret service for foreign affairs called Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). The BND and its manpower works from abroad and does inform the government for the purpose to pass through analysis to the German gov to propperly estimate foreign affairs. The CCC- Corona Crisis Cup has nothing to do with that. As of competitions in May had been cancelled, most of them, participants collect miles on bike.

Micho collecting miles for CCC - here at Franconian Switzerland an area in Northern Bavaria. 

As of my A-priority competition is going to be launched in August systematical training makes sence over that. However, indoor-pools are closed and lakes' water-temperatures are too cold for swim-training-units. No need to indulge! Moreover I am lucky as of Challenge Roth, IRONMAN Frankfurt and IRONMAN Hamburg, the three mega-events within Germany in affairs of triathlon, had been cancelled, but not so  OSTSEEMAN (OM) I do take part along the 226k this year, that is shedulded later in the season. May be it has to do as of some soldiers esp. those of special forces do compete there for military ranking. Click here to get fetch impressions: .

Above all happy Eastern to all of us & keep on tri-ing! 

Saturday, December 28, 2019

golden year ahead

Aloha triathletes and dear readers!

Winter time, silent time. Time for recapitulation. Time for making plans and registration on races. To get early birds bonus' ? Not so. And also time to get prepared for the next season, that is a golden one for all athletes.

According to experience and circumstances next year will be a "golden year" for German triathletes. First, it is to mention that both JF and AHA will compete at "best old race", like CW said, that is Challenge Roth, Anno 2020, 5th of July. Both Hawaii-Winners, Jan Frodeno (the Frodominator) and Anne Haug, who had been awarded at German Sportists Of The Year 2019 2nd place by journalists, do compete. Moreover, JF is favourite, sure, not only within TEAM Bahrain, consisting of AB and JG as well, but not only. Well, well, a rather unknown, a so-called Larifari Mascot, needs to compete in the name of that team by the sponsorship done of Bahrain, mainly, yes, but, have a guess, not only. Haha, hard! Second, from 24th of July to 8th of August, there'll be the Olympic Games in Tokio. Presently, the two times olympic champion, Alistair Brownlee (2012, 2016), takes into account to make a golden slam, to both win in Tokio olympic distance and on Hawaii ironman distance the second Saturday in October. Maybe Javier Gomes is the dark horse among those top-professionals. Unfortunatelly, me I myself Micho, well, I am not allowed to go to Tokio in my function as a psychologist ("Larifari Mascot"), but need to hold the line in Germany, let's call it like this, at 2nd of August Eastern seas at OM (Ostseeman) along the magical of 226 kilometers. Moreover, Team Erdinger is under pressure as of the DNF from former champion PL, who won the two years before (2017, 2018). Patrick Lange and team-mates need to do something to make fade out the disaster on Hawaii, worldchampionships, this year (Grütze, we call it like this: Patrick made Grütze in 2019). Moreover, it is questionable how many competitors from Germany do start in Tokio. Moreover, it is questionable if German SK Sebi Kienle can come back to the top and make a 2nd title. Further, Canadian top-triathlete LS is in brilliant shape, presently. If Lionel Sanders can proceed like that it wont be easy for JF to defeat AB and LS and celebrate his 4th triumph on Ali'i Drive Kailua-Kona, Hawaiiian Islands. Finally, the most important is to press thumbs for IRONMAN JF and IRONLADY AHA in Roth. The WRs are done there and at 7:35 h min made by the Frodominator himself in 2017, and CW Chrissie Wellington 8:19 h min in the year (yeah!) of 2010. Can Anne Haug be faster? By using the new top-model shoe from Nike called Vaporfly?

Does it look like "Larifari" ? No, it does not, does it? Micho with STAR TREK Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Micho's races Anno 2020:
16th of May: Olympic Distance Weiden (C-priority) - defending titel age-group
24th of May: Olympic Distance Ingolstadt (C) - compete with PROs / aim: personal best
30th of May: Olympic Distance Kallmünz (B)- defending 2nd place age-group
21st of June: Olympic Distance Rothsee (B) - sponsored by the military (Jagdgeschwader '74)
12th of July: Short Distance Hersbruck (C) - having fun with club-mates
2nd of August: Ironman Distance Glücksburg (A) - military rating and competition 226k

Thus (if 'OHANA stays right [does; allright ciao]), well, if all wents fine, there might a ber (no aber; a beer in any case & be a; [those hackers ;) ] co-author's note) ticket to Hawaii for competition or coaching. We'll see, may be thoise active PROS mentioned above need some mental support in order to get arses kicked?!

In most humble distance and with great greet to the state and the piccadilly station nation, non-violently, but militarily: 


Monday, October 7, 2019

Mit dem Fahrrad über den Olymp nach Athen und zurück

Ausdauersportler und Ironman-Triathlet Michael Lorenz brach am 24. August zu einer mehrwöchigen Radtour von Lauf aus nach Athen auf. Dabei legte der Laufer Sportler 3086 Km zurück und führte eine Bergsteigerausrüstung mit, um den Olymp zu besteigen. Deswegen mussten auf den Tagesetappen 25-30 Kg Gepäck transportiert werden. Am 26. September kehrte Lorenz nach Lauf zurück. Die Reiseroute führte über Regensburg nach Passau der Donau entlang nach Wien, Bratislava, Budapest und Belgrad, auch um sich im flachen Gelände an die Reisestrapazen bei bis zu 38°C in Budapest zu gewöhnen. Dem sonnigen Wetter folgend entschied sich Lorenz nicht wie ursprünglich geplant über Rumänien und Ungarn nach Griechenland zu radeln, sondern riskierte die direktere Variante über Serbien und Mazedonien. Diese Route zeichnet sich mit Anstiegen von über 1200m in Südserbien bei Nis über Vranje nach Kumanov und Skopije in Mazedonien aus. Von dort radelte der Laufer auf die griechische Küste zu, folgte dem Küstenverlauf bis Athen und besuchte damit sechs europäische Hauptstädte. Die Rückreise erfolgte via Schiff von Patras nach Venedig und mit dem Zug von dort nach Bayern.

Natürlich gibt es bei so einer Reise auch zahlreiche Unwägbarkeiten. An der ungarisch-serbischen Grenze zum Beispiel erhielt der Laufer einen Stempeleintrag in seinen Reisepass, bevor er nach acht Tagen in Serbien über die grüne Grenze nach Kumanov und damit nach Mazedonien einreiste. Er folgte ganz einfach dem Straßenverlauf, traf auf eine verfallene und verlassene Grenzstation. Wie sich aber herausstellte, befand sich der 44-Jährige nun aber illegal in Mazedonien. Die Einheimischen sagten, er hätte über die Autobahn von Serbien in die ehemals griechische Provinz ausreisen müssen. Nach relativ harten Etappen von jeweils 125 Kilometern kam Lorenz in der Grenzstadt Gevgelija an. Schließlich entschied er sich die mazedonische Polizei um Rat zu fragen. Zu seiner großen Verblüffung erhielt er erneut die Antwort - dieses Mal jedoch von der Polizei - auf der Autobahn ausreisen zu müssen, da dieses die einzige Möglichkeit darstellt. Etwas irritiert wurde der Sportler auf die Autobahn Skopije-Athen per Einsatzwagen dirigiert. Dort radelte der Triathlet auf der Standspur vier Kilometer bis zur Grenze, wo er auf sein Schicksal und damit die Grenzpolizei wartete. Hier ausharrend kamen allerdings keine Beamten auf ihn zu um ihn festzunehmen. Nach einer Weile reihte er sich auf die Spur für Nicht-EU-Bürger ein und schließlich winkte man den Laufer ohne Kontrolle seiner Papiere durch. In den Transitverkehr eingeordnet reichte auf griechischer Seite der Grenze der Personalausweis zur Einreise. Daraufhin genehmigte er sich ein kühles Bier, radelte noch 500m auf der Standspur bevor es auf eine Landstraße ab zu biegen galt.

Natürlich sind weitere Anekdoten zu berichten, die von Land und Leuten, Politik oder auch Infrastruktur handeln. Erwähnenswert im Allgemeinen ist die Unterschiedlichkeit von Gestik und Mimik der Menschen über den Balkan hinweg, wie auch die Veränderung des lateinischen Alphabets hin zur kyrillischen Schrift. Neben Ausdauerfähigkeit, Zähigkeit und Willenskraft sind Charaktereigenschaften wie Gelassenheit aber auch Glück notwendig. Einmal campierte der Laufer in der Nähe einer Bauernwiese. Von 116 Tageskilometern nun schon in der Nähe des Nationalparks Mount Olympus aufgebraucht hatte der 44-Jährige sein Zelt noch nicht aufgebaut, als er von fünf großen Hunden eingekreist wurde. Obschon ruhig sitzen bleiben gut ist zogen die Hunde nicht weiter. Ob es wilde Hunde (sog. „ghost dogs“) waren, die in Griechenland häufig anzutreffen sind, wusste Lorenz zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht. Auf einen kleinen Olivenbaum klettern war auch keine Option. Schließlich ging der Athlet auf die aggressiv positionierten, ab und an bellenden Hunde zu und rief zudem um Hilfe, die nach bangen Minuten in Form von Schäfern eintraf und den Laufer postwendend zur Besteigung des Olymps aufmunterten.

Nach dem einzigen Ruhetag am Campingplatz in Variko direkt am Meer gelegen radelte sich der Laufer 15 Kilometer bis Litochoro ein, bevor er 17 Km nach Prionia, auf 1100m Höhe gelegen, fuhr. Dort ließ er das Rad zurück und stieg auf die auf 2100m gelegene Schutzhütte auf, genoss Kaminfeuer, Vollmond und den Sonnenaufgang über dem ägäischen Meer. Der Gipfelsturm erfolgte nach ordentlichem Frühstück. Bestiegen wurden die Nebengipfel Skolio (2911) und Skala (2886). Der Hauptgipfel des Olymps war nicht Ziel. Obschon bergsteigerisch relativ einfach hatte der Laufer - auch wegen der erhöhten Steinschlaggefahr durch den Massentourismus mit verursacht - schon in der Planung entschieden, den Mytikas (2918m) nicht zu besteigen, zumal es auch darum ging Kräfte zu sparen, weil es noch am selben Tag wieder auf Meereshöhe hinunter ging.

Etwas mitgenommen durch die für die Muskulatur ungewohnten Höhenmeter, sowie durch die Entbehrungen des wilden Campierens mussten nun, nach 2250 Radkilometern und der bergsteigerischen Leistung, weitere 475 Km bei nicht nachlassender Hitze bewältigt werden. Schließlich kam der Laufer am 29. Tag der Reise in Athen an.

Micho am Fuße der Akropolis in Athen. Mit im Bild der Bote Pheidippides, der der Legende nach die Nachricht vom Sieg der Griechen über die Perser in der Schlacht von Marathon nach Athen überbrachte und dann wegen Erschöpfung tot zusammenbrach.

Nach Hause fliegen war allerdings nicht geplant. Daher galt es noch einmal alle Kräfte zu mobilisieren, um von Athen über Korinth nach Patras weitere 325 Kilometer zu radeln. Obschon die griechischen Hafenarbeiter streikten konnte ein Ticket einer zypriotischen Fähre ergattert werden, indem sich der allein reisende Abenteurer einer Radreisegruppe aus München anschloss. Nach zwei Tagen auf See, vorbei an den Küsten Albaniens, Montenegros und Kroatiens machte die Gruppe in Venedig Station. Am 34. Tag  der klimafreundlichen Reise kehrte Michael Lorenz in die Heimat zurück.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Ironman France 30.06.2019

Ironically, what weather-god had in mind with the Laufer triathlete Michael Lorenz. While the early summer heat was already causing quite a stir in his country, heat record of up to 45 degree celsius at the top in France were also reported in Nice. The long-distance triathlon at the Cote d' Azur is due to swimming in the sea, the bike-splits elevation with a rise as its heart of 23 kilometers nonstop to the Col des l'Ecre up to 1200 meters and a technically difficult descent back to the cosmopolitan city one of the deamanding and a treachering racees among in the ironman-series. Under tropical conditions to do it had been a top difficulty to finish on the Promenade des Anglais in the final thrid discipline.

Since the supposed catastrophee had occured already, due to the weather, all that was needed was to reach the finish-line healthy. Bad crashes in the mountains -  dehydration caused errors in steering and technical defects (tyre blowouts) due to the heat - as well as ambulances' blue lights every minute at the final run-split give an idea of the classical race was not a children's birthday war in 2019.  Heat and profil the 3000 athletes from 61 nations had been the more to note. Nevertheless, despite of cooling by showers and hectically installed water hoses, 700 athletes collapsed. Many spectators carried bottles of water to the track, so mitigating the agonies and gave frst aid. Breakdowns are part of the long-distance triathlon. But this all did not spoil the audiences and the jet-sets partymood. This special atmosphere and encouragement, which does happen at Ironman France in Nice only, helped the athletes not to give up.

Michael Lorenz announced the competiton very well, swam slow with 1:09 h min by his standarts, mastered the bike in a decent 6:02 h min, the running track in 4:09 h min. The moderater did not miss the opportunity to mark all finishers, especially since Hawaii was in Nice as of the heat-record this year. After 11 h 38 min the Laufer athlete crossed the finish-line overjoyed and fulfilled his dream of a knighthood: "Michael from Germany! You are an Ironman!", it sounded over the palm-lined promenade.

Race after he had to answer questions.

Monday, May 27, 2019

race-report olympic distance in Ingolstadt

Not as fast as my Audi but still, having slept well, last Sunday it was time to make prove move training to competition. Time to beat had been 2:18 h min from 2015 in Ingolstadt that time. The alarm-clock rang at 4:40 o'clock. So there was time to travel easily, to fetch start-number and for bike-check in as well as to twaddle with athletes. 

Being placed in group 1 my start was 10:10 a.m., together with 199 others having to do a triangular 1500m swim course. Water was fresh at 16.8 ° C, but good to swim with neopren-suit? Not really, as of being part of a rocking pack one is more shocked in case of getting too close to each other, e.g. my swim-glases had been beaten of my head. Rather slow, after 26' 25'', I entered T1 and needed 4'14'' to get onto my bike. Why so slow? No need to take risk and therefore using click-predals as of that titanium that is still in my arm. Sure, meanwhile the bone is so hard and healthy suitable to damage the asphalt, a rookie joked.

The bike-split is a fast course, however, good attention is to pay. Two times I was skilled enough to avoid accident. In aeropostion an empty bottle of water was to overcross and another time a very fast athlete overtook me while I already overtook another, slower one at a speed of 42-43 km/h, thus three athletes on one side of the road in aeropositon. It had been centimeters only. Finally, I came to T2 after 1:07:03 h min sec on the bike, not too slow and not too fast. In good mental condition I managed to leave transition-zone in 44 seconds.

The last metres along olympic-distance in Ingolstadt.

However, the first k was hard and rather slow in 4:24 min sec. Somehow it was really hard at this stage of the race, surprisingly. The run-split was a two loops course around the lake. Well, race after the solution was clear: legs had been hard as of the bike-split, because combined bike & run training was neglected. With the begin of loop 2 running became more fluid, k6 I could run in 4'10'' and k7 was little slower. But like in 2015 I lost a lot of time k8 and k9 and do not know why. Sure, exhaustion and pain increases. Luckily Don Indi cheered on athletes by microphone and loudspeekers, so that I could speed-up the last 400 metres. With exactly 44' the run-split is a little slow, but ok, as well as my total time is 2.22 h min. Finally, all competitors gathered in the athletes garden and "King of Kona" Patrick Lange gave autograph session and honored the most fast later.

Rehearsal for Ironman in Nice, France, went rather well, but there is still plenty to do: 1. combined training bike & run, like e.g. easy long on bike and long-run after or hard on bike and long-run after. 2. I need to loose weight. 83 kilogramm is too much as of Nice's bike-course contains 2095 metres of elevation. And 3. I need to stop smoking, especially before the race. And this is the advantage of competitive sport at semi-pro level. One can drink, smoke and have sleepless nights. Not so on the professional-level. Thus, 

above all I am happy, being in one piece and contended as of the result. Let's see what season 2019 brings. Fun like in Ingolstadt, of course, a race that must be recommended!

Season 2021 - interim conclusion

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