Thursday, May 9, 2024

A change of the paradigm?

Dear readers, dear followers all over the globe, dear Sirs, 

first of all let me mention of this blog and my home-page: is listed in the United States of America (USA) said to ne aa unsecure domain. Second, the German_gov is using my sites' contents "in order to regain values and prestige in the international internet to stabilize Germany's position in the world wide web [e.g. of security, stability and safety INT]". Is it mere bs on here or what is it? What about values in the internet? Like cheating, faking, lying, distortion, stealing IDs by eagerness, envy and big Ego - for heaven's sake - for equality of course? But where is the counterpart like authenticity, selective authenticity, truth, sportmanship, competition, concurrence, courage, discipline and fairplay? On here? What and where are the rules in the Internet? Dirceted by MI? Or what? Everthing is allowed, but nothing is possible? Likewise a fat, unemployed human that is a moviestar that climbed on the top, Mt. Everest for sure, and for what, as of no MIMIMI, equal rights and justice? For sure? For sure such a person has to slide all the way down like the man did on his own crap and shitted on the houses' roof for that purpose before. What a long tracks of shit! To copy style is allowed, and really, suckers are plenty, too many that it seems like copying is the only true art, besides of the profound production of mere bull shit, nowadays, in the internet.

Thus, 3rd, those who can read are in the advantage. Likewise fathers - here in Germany it is fathers' day today and all men hike around with lot of beer - and sons, uncles, auntys, mothers and daugthers, dear triathetes, Ironmen, managers, consulters, athletes, bureaucrates, business-men, stock holders and so fourth here in Europe, especially in Germany, sure but also in France, or Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria and so fourth, but also transatlantic and transpacific, in the United States and Autralia, Canada, South Afrika and Guadeloupe, Cambridge, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, no matter where, this is still Trimichi, a cosmopolitan, just like Jenny, but Michi from the block.

Well, we all had had to undego a great development in our sports, that is widely known in develpement in constructions especially in areodynamics, but also in races' sizes and formats, like e.g. mixed-sprint relay became popular on TV or the latest great success of the company of IRONMAN having splitted the world championships in a two year circle (Nice and Hawaii). 


This is the most best advanced developement. Helmet (an not so Hamlet ... :D) has white slats on its surface in order to create minimized laminar flow resistance.

Hello again also to those, who switched of and returned to a new area, an area of triathlon without the internet. In America it is slowtwitch, here it was 3athlon (namegiver of this blog, but not only) and then the triathlon-scene page, most biggest internet-communities in Europe and most of activity by an amout of 15000 members. But what for? Having found a true challange in international research at university, at Hagen, the German top university likewise Harvard is in America, approved by representatives of the German Association for Psychology (DGP), that is the aquivalent of the American Psychological Association (APA), well, what to do? Let´s make a pilots single choice question out of it, the solution is the motiv on the last picture. Like triathlon research is open for anyone. Anyone can do, everything is possible.

Thus, what the hell should someone do if both a triathlete and researcher (or a student in his best years)?

A) follow the dictum of the b3-rule, of course: bicylcle, bed and bathroon. In order to be easy, creativ and innovative, relaxed and powerful, sober-minded and slept well.

B) using "posing, porn and triathlon", the dictum of old school values and interests, as of ideas are ideas, but stuff has to be sold like time-trial suits, helmets, shoes, nutrinations and all the merchandizing has to be balanced and, instead of the English dress code might indicate like a suit sells sex sells even more to the stock exchange holders balance is fine.

C) Well, well: do the the letters LMAA tell you anything? L..k my arse of you all? Is this familar to you, isn't it?

Here we go as of core values of triathlon are not posing, showing off, or likewise suits and sex sells! Likewise a peacocks feathers that look excellent but make the animal unable to fly. So what is it, meanwhile, as of the internet? A big circus of hens and roosters making "gag gag gag" and "kikeriki" all night long? Just forget, the community is fed like "foreign feathers do not grow back." To finish a 10k-run in 55 Minutes with all that stuff like Garmin-watch, compression socks, gore-tex, functional wear etc. pp. is not having finished a swim bike run - competition 226k, is it? Woe betide you! Suckers, imitators and foolowers! Kind regards to Russia by the way, Moskau, St. Pete and Novo. As well as to the Pinas, or in China, Columbia and California, Chihuahua and even Michoachan - not so Acapulco and Cuba - where all the smartphoners (handy is short for handcarchief) use triathlon and sport applications (long word for the short word app, like "app app app" coming from apes behaviour like "gag gag gag" coming from hens') are spread like virus' outbreak, are located, too. So where is Kai Baumgartner, Arne & Jörn Dyck or Dan Empsfield with a true Kikeriki! Or an Ahihihiaaah! Where? 

Arrrgghhhhh! See you in training and competitions? Or what? Multiple choice question with X solutions out of three? Is it all correct? Are it? Or is there a fourth the correct answer? Like a syaing for e.g. like

D) home f..king is killing prostitution like drafting is share hold the value?




 Of course, not so. E is the true answer: hang lose (here in Sweden closely to a lake the area of Stockholm).

No matter how no matter where, remember when you started, think of all who need assistance and guidance, help and support, like the most best things are 4 free, e.g. the internet. Above all, do not forget what is most important: life. 




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A change of the paradigm?

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