Sunday, May 28, 2023

season cancelled - sabbatical ahead

Having had to cancel ISRAMAN as of injury and the flu, now I had had some troubles again and needed to be checked in affairs of health, mentally as well. All fine, but this took time again and for what to push oneself to the edge? As an amateur. What for? Sport ought to make fun. And military discipline in training and competition is something else.


Out of service.

Meanwhile, aged 48, it dosen't make sence to compete for the podium this year in AG45-49. Next year much more better the AG50-54 first time. Transfere slot OSTSEEMAN was successfully from this to next year 226k in Glücksburg. Thus, time for feet up, time to recharge batteries, time for unforced training or a sabbatical like triathletes say.

More over bicycles became status symbols, bike wear is more important than performance, how funny, and bike-packing become mainstream, unfortunatelly. Sure I am a triathlete, for 15 years meanwhile, having finished eight IRONMAN-competitions, Roth, Frankfurt, Züri and even Nice, but how do I look? Neither I do offend myself a carbon gravel-bike for 6000 bucks, nor I look alike Tour de France - starter with time trial helmet sitting on a heavy electro-bike even. 

So for the next year I go for the podium, a ranking within 1-3 in Glücksburg the Age-Group of 50-54. And as of the mainstream, well, ok, this is just ok, bike-packing and ebiking, but really, good for peoples' health and self-eestem. Hard to look like a mainstreamler, but what to do? Just let them. Leave people like they are.

Looking forward to training and competition the season 2024!

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