Wednesday, November 1, 2023

new season ahead: OstseeMan 2024

Having had to pause triathlon this season as of an injury it looks like it is all fine again with my health. Therefore, my training has started - a little overmotivated the last week - with 16:22h added the three disciplines thus in sum. 

What to write? 

It will be tough, and a well tempered or good balanced, sturctural approach is necessarily needed. Like makro- meso- and even microperiodisation. Now, well, 1st of November that is a holiday after Helloween in Germany called "Allerheilligen", bike kilometers' counter is at 431 after 1 1/2 week with a 140k 7:07 h min trip today.


this is me a selfie when training, checking where wind is coming from :D

We will see how it goes, reregistered for OstseeMan (OM), a 226k race in Glücksburg 4th of August 2024, with a holidays planned after in Scotland, including a swing-by in Cambrigde to visit a friend, who is a professor there. Thus, I am not yet sure to go to Glückburg with time trial or gravel-bike, as of the loadings to my car (AUDI) are limited.

For November there is a focus on biking in romatical Franconia in so-called Indian summer, due to the cloures of the leaves and the sunlight rather late this year.

Stay well and enjoy your sports.

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