Friday, March 10, 2023

Injury: Israman cancelled, Baltic Sea Man (OstseeMan) ahead


Having had to cancel triathlon-competion in Eilat, Israel, late in January, now I am fit again and ready for to focus training onto OstseeMan (OM), swim bike run yes, but early in August in Germany, German Mastery in Glücksburg again. 
Germany: German mastery 2022 - one can see me in the last row at the start - this year again.
Big ty to both EL AL and orga-team of Israman especially for the money refounds - due to a rather servere flu and overcoming pain in my shoulder (technical defect rear gears, uphill, gears broke, fell into the back wheel, fell off onto my shoulder, walked to railway-station in cold rain, had to wait, took the train, rather full of people, and got sick, only laying one and a half weeks in the horizontal was possible, no training for 3,5 weeks at all!), well, weather became partly better. 
Thus, training on bike is possible again, swimming, too, and by this "opportunity" macrocycle in training I did switch from European rhythm to Hawaii'ian system, with begin of training 1st of January in the sheets and sheduls (time tables) - and not like before with 1st Monday in November by a 50k bicycle-ride (like Miguel Idurain did). Furthermore, as of a two month shift of the start of the new season from 11th to 1st month of the season, well, for what to fly to the Canaries if training on bicycle can be done at home on warm days? Pictures shows training in the year of 2017 on Fuerteventura, Espania in April and on Lanzarote eight days each,all inclusive slightly below 1000 EUR. And today? Having had a focus on the third discipline. Outdoors, of course.
Training on the Canaris 2017 on Fuerteventura on MTBs together with a good friend

Training on the Canaris on Lanzarote 2019, here in functional wear hiking across the Island

 Picture in training the year of 2023 at home, Bavaria, Germany, on racing-bike.

Having done a lot of run-training, test races are scheduled in Kallmuenz (21, 095 k in April 🏃and 1,5 - 42 - 10k 🏊🚴🏃 in May; Rothsee-Triathlon not yet registered. ) in preperation for main triathlon-competition in August 226k race OstseeMan (Gluecksburg). Last year I was ranked 128th. This year at German mastery a Top-100 result is possible? Will be tough! 
Race-list complete like the following, as a liscensed athlete this year again at dtu ERDINGER aktiv TEAM:
C - prio / April 15th: 21,098k Kallmünz full half-marathon
B - prio / May 27th: short-distance 1,5 -42-10 k in Kallmünz
C - prio / June 11th: 2,00 k swim at and in Brombachspeichersee
B - prio / July 9th - sprint-distance 0,3 - 20 -5 k in Hersbruck [1]
(Middlefranconian Championships this year)
A - prio / the week-end of  August 6th/7th OstseeMan full-distance 3,86 - 180,2 - 42,195 k in Glücksburg (German Mastery in military, police & DTU [German Triathlon Union])
further, if on demand:  🏃 Moritzberglauf, KLK Landkreislauf/Relay, Leiburger Kirwalauf, Laufer Altstadtfestlauf (in May and in June)
Have fun in training and competition and RACE HARD.

[1] race last year (4 min movie), nice to watch:

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