Sunday, July 26, 2015

swim bike run accepted fun

Being abroad rather often this year, it is nice to have platform for proper training again. Its not only a privileg to practise triathlon, also Bavaria is a good place to live, for swim bike run have some fun. Today Bavarians can be really proud to be location of two big long-distance events. Legendary Challenge Roth, and Challenge Regensburg 1st time hosted in August 2016. Seems like the state in Southern Germany, being Mekka of triathlon already, becomes Medina as well.

After a-competion had been done, b-and c-priority races are ahead. There is still plenty to do to keep in shape. Like for today, when some of us meet spontaniously for swim-training.


Actually there had been some questions concerning the development of the sport, now solved. The last years it seems like money-investments had spoiled the originality of our sport. And actually regularies are being modified. However, triahtlon becomes more normal. For the last years the raise from 200.000 to more than 300.000 active athletes in Germany alone is enough to bypass break-even point of calculations. Triathlon is allowed to grow normal now. And also sprint-distance-athletes are accepted to be true triathletes, which has to do with the acceptance of the audience and the perceived normality any athlete is considered today. No need to be an "Ironman" to be called true. That´s ingenious! Maybe one day triathlon is said to be the most healthy sport? We will see...

For me, I myself I focus onto the 3rd discipline for the rest of the season, go for bike-rides and swim-units for the need of compensation and relaxation.

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