Thursday, January 21, 2016

Triathlon on the Philippines

As of the growth-potential of our sport the three in one disciplines are set to be boomed in Asia. The company of IRONMAN, which had been sold to the Chinese for 650 MRd US dollars, does plan to open up 17 new races in the Pacific region.

Here on the Philippines triathlon is already done by IRONMAN on Bohol an Cebu half- and short distance only, thus a mixture of vacation and triathlon-sports, but on the international level. National events are spread more frequently, inter-asian, too. Training is hard on the Philippines, the sunshine-state of the East. To get an IRONMAN full distance, thus therefore a big race over the magical of 226k would be a bomb!!! As of heat, wind and profiles this might become the most hard Ironman on Earth, which is said to be on Lanzarote (Canarian Islands) presently.

For me living in Sebaste, Antique on the Panay-Island, well, here triathlon-competition is not yet, although the female national champion is from Pandan, a town like Sebaste close to Boracay, too. To get adjusted to tropical heat and hot sun takes time and for training I can recommend camel-bak in general, esp. needed jungle-runs, long-distance and mountainbiking for sure. Do not drink water from rivers, although water is sober best quality crystal clear! Better collect rain by the means of banana-leaves...

beautiful Boracay

Preparing for peek-performance at CHALLENGE Regensburg (3.8 - 180,2 - 42,2), also ironman-distance in Germany  done on 14th of August 2016 I get in shape little by little, thus being on the Philippines from October to January not too many kilometers are needed in the early stage fo the season. We ll se if CHALLENGE, number 2 in the global-market, gets rooted into the country of the Philppines, too.

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