Sunday, May 29, 2016

race-course Ratisbon checked

On last Thursday there had been inspection of the bike-course of CHALLENGE Ratisbon, two loops 180k in sum. The course leeds thoughout an absolutely beautiful landscape, which is said to be not that much fast, but I do not think so. An expert said it depends on the wind at the end of the bike-split if an athlete can be fast to reach goal, but anyway, any athlete is adviced not to damage legs the first hour on bike. The course is flat and really fast in the beginning, and its a good adivce to hold horsepower back, also and especially at the climbs early at the course, which are not too hard in percentages of inclination, but long. 

Moreover the lake of Guggenberg the swim-split is executed is a lake of good water quality not too busy, but being busy a lot on race day. However, a fast swim-split is hooked to Bavarian summer as if water becomes too warm in August to wear a neo-suit might be not permitted.
Good to know the run course is great also! Leading throughout the historical center of the town 4 laps it wont get boring, for both athletes and spectators. The event-managers did well to make the triathletes do their finish close to the Dome totally central, gigantic atmosphere there, a very nice thing the politicans gave ok for.

bike-course, which has in deed 1500 mtr of elevation in sum plusminus - measurment done by STRAVA last Thursday (all course-data-info at official page) 

Having done a series of 10.000k races on local spots meanwhile still within base-phases, with a new personal best today, it was not a bad idea to get prepared in tropical sun. Now, build-phases are going to be done the next two months. That means intervalls, faster units and long-slow distance training really slow and easy, no pushing while doing, until before tapering starts in the end of July. Before, there are competitons short-distance in both beautiful and romantical Kallmünz, a very familiar and nice race, and also there is a great race at the lake of Roth more later in June, which is good opportunity to check power and meet friends as well, too.

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