Saturday, July 9, 2016

3rd place in mixed-relay

After some two good results along the short-distance, a competition followed spontaneously, done last Sunday, 3rd of July.

Unfortunatelly our team-manager was busy that pretty morning and thus not with us, however, we managed rather good, and finally our team registered as "Team Degussa Laufer Freibad" was mentioned in the newspaper, besides those who had been really fast and did celebrate club-championships also. Meanwhile, we all told our manager rather happily about he wanted to know, and finally we are all glad having fought the clock at Baggersee Hersbruck successfully.

3rd place in mixed-relay, we have done it, the three of us !

To answer questions concerning the competiton, which was along the sprint-distance (.3 - 20 - 5), well, I would like to do that by embedding a video. Go web and look for match-code: Volkstriathlon DAV Hersbruck + 29. Auflage. If you would like to see a clip. Thank you very much to my friends, team-mates and acquaintances for acompany again, and also thank you to DAV Hersbruck, who do organize such a simply good triathlon.

The last week training wasn´t that much but not too less also. So I feel ok to go for build-period 2 to reach my peek in August. For Regensburg, Germany,  I am not really nervous. I was advised to go do the swim-split not too fast. Before, there are other so-called "fun-competitions", a run-relay with team-mates different distances and a chess&swim-duathlon.

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