Friday, March 24, 2017

on tri society has to be

Meanwhile the new season becomes rolling. Athletes are going to be fit and fitter. Weight is reduced, the body is formed more and more as of training abroad e.g. on the Canarian Islands also, like on Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria or even Teneriffa. People are going to look good - a core value of our sports.

However, triathlon more and more became commercial. It became money-business. And folks pay huge amounts of money to be on tri. Like for example in a recent magazine triathlon-bikes are advertised. Have a guess? Well, the cheapest bike is 5000 US $. And this is it. It is no longer who you are, it is what you own. This is ashaming. 

So it is not to have fun to move the body. It is to have fun of what one possesses: my time-trial bike, my compression-socks, my swim-coach, my personal coach, my new watch for 500 US $ measuring the most not needed details even professionals give a sheet on, and also my diet worthy a hundrets of dollars of for the right nutrination monthly. How bizzare! Amateurs spend more money than professionals.. And what the hell is it for? Well, it is not for the people starving at the Horn of Africa these days, for sure. So what? Does one go for ironman-distance as of passion, social motives, pioneering spirit and adventure? No, not these days. But for the need of exaggeration of an "awesome" personality proved by the hanging of the finisher-medal in the office colleagues have to admire. 

In former times one could have been proud to be triathlete by unterstatement, by making the body steallike, by doing the impossible and simply by being part of. Nowadays a true triathlete might better be silent concerning passion? Why? As it isn´t understood anymore. The "uncool" people discovered our sport and are exploited by sport-industries. Now as for to finish one can buy an all-around-saftey-package, finish garanteed inclusive. So do not worry about exhaustion - be sure it is not triathlon but an event, and thus the helpers of the orga-team pick you up at K15 in order to transport you to K42 so one can run the last 200 metres with a big smile smiling into finishline's camera raising arms in order to prove to be a winner. And is it? And what is it? It is of one receives the awards one paid for. 

Those uncool people are not evil. Idiots cannot help themselves. The development simply proves that money makes character out of order, the character of triathlon. Greetings to all the consumers. "Thank you" for putting money onto the mills of the monitarian monsters. This way this is what you become: monster. It is exactly the opposite of what triathlon was constructed for. This way you will never feel the spirit of (triathlon) sport and never have a positive identifications with values.

Nowadays one must be careful to mention to be on tri - as of all the clowns, commerce and capitalisation.

A very warm welcome to new readers of this blog from Africa. No matter what happens it is not what you have, and it will never be. It is whom you are - or like we say in Germany as well: the last shirt does not have pockets. 

Sport in its political function is designed to be a diplomat, sport is made to build bridges, onto the national, international and intercultural level. Our sport is made to gather people to be all part of the same family sharing same commen values. Today our sport seems to seperate people and part it into individuals with individual values. Why? As much more money can be made out of indivduals than made out of communities. 

[edit (at) SAT 3/24/17:
In the enumeration it has been forgotten to mention: my bike-fitter. Very important. A bike-fitter is needed, 100% true, 300 US $ pay off an hour, regularily. Why? As of the idiots. Who are: A) too stupid to choose and buy a bike by one´s own considerations, thus a bike-fitting is included in the sell of the bike B) are too stupid to adjust and calibrate a bike and C) are too stupid to handle a bike, unfortunatelly.]

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