Friday, June 29, 2018

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon ahead

First of all, honor to whom does honor belong. Heiko Gentes did a great right error, by having founded Team LORENZ. By his own he registered for that Short-Distance (Kurzdistanz [KD]) at the lake, that name is Rothsee. Thus, with no further words just a mere picture.

Heiko crossed the finish-line, for heaven`s sake, he did !

Secondly, in the name of the team we say thank you for our new supporter, the filling station around the corner. It`s nice to feel support any team needs. Also thank you very much to ELCH-BREW, let`s say for holding the line. Meanwhile we all drank that much beer made in Thuisbrunn, so that it is planned to build a highway to that small village in romantical Franconia as of the people can come faster to the beer. True? True. May be it is a good thing for me, I myself Micho, to look for that topic to go there and make sure of the highway isn`t going to be build!

Now, for me, well I started systematical training and already finised a 10k race in 47:47 min sec. Rather slow. But no wonder as of too much tobacco-enjoyment and easy life as of that injury. Thanks God I can do go run fast again. This way in September there is a race along the halfmarathon distance in sight. Swim-training should serve as recompensation. I have no choice as to train rhythmically again. Otherwise my coach might be upset. 

Like predicted in my first post ever here on that blog I want to start in Frankfurt. Marathon. Late in October. I already booked my hotel and look forward a lot. 

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