Sunday, July 8, 2018

the two sides of sponsorship

Sponsoring and supportage are great. The picture shows how winners look alike. Especially the swimmer made a fast race in the lake's cristal clear water and built the platform for the victory of his uncle´s relay-team this way in a local competition of prestige today. 
team-picture: watch out for this Andrew (right in the picture), when he is in the pool...

This is a thank you to sponsers. Thank you to both ELCH-BREW and ELO filling station. Sure, like all, sponsorship as well has two sides. The great disadvantage of this that successful supportage created a little problem: the need to drink beer & the need to drive add miles! 

May be it is a good idea to go for a training-camp in the Mediterranian by car loaded with beer supplies in the trunks...

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