Monday, August 6, 2018

multisport: mountaineering

Due to my accident, that lead to a broken elbow and thus therefore is fixed with screws and titanium plate, well, biking is forbidden. A focus was needed to be set onto the third discipline: running! Also and like mentioned recompensation is done by swimming and meanwhile distances up to two kilometers in the water are possible again, e.g. a week ago or so 1000mtr -test was 17 min 40 sec at base-level activity. Furthermore, indoor biking on biking machine is a nice thing to be possible again, however, still without click pedals. I feel like there is something missing? Multisport! What to do? Remembering my time among free-climbers in the first years of the 3rd millenium and furthermore the time when I was as a kid in the mountains with my family evoke inspiration.

 This guy is 80 years of age - like me -  and made it to the peek!

Like the picture sugggests there is an option: mountaineering. The picture is taken at the Karkopf, German Alps. That mountain' s altitude is 1740mtr. So it is actually trail-running what it is about. Down in the valley it was said it takes 5h to get on top of the Karkopf in order to enjoy a fanastic 360° panorama. Alternatively one can use the funicular and make the last 30 min uphill to the peek by one´s own feet. As of training needed to be done competitions ahead I pushed hard in 2 hrs 18 min. However, when downhills not to think of muscles that are not used to that kind of moves was a result of overmotivation gotton on the top and in return aching the next day was a nice memory.

Despite of the heat wave in Cental Europe presently training is fun, but yes, is hard, too. It is needed to set exercises on the right frame and test fitness by running a half-marathon next weeks, another test-race to get used to the feeling and hardship of competition. 

With the end of August time for any kind of excuses is over.

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