Saturday, June 27, 2020

new season ahead: Ostseeman 2021

Dear followers and readers,

meanwhile it makes no sence to push thru the season 2020 as of this "Corona" all competitions are cancelled. So me I myself Micho decided to quit this season today. From tomorrow on, the new season starts, having a meeting at the pool at 11:00 o' clock with best friends.

Like one can see on the picture there are two "fat ladies" within. I gave up smoking. The two ciagars are from my sponsor (Elo) and are going to be smoked race after, Ostseeman 2021, 1st of August. Thank you very much to the event-manager in person also for make transfer slot go, moreover, by this way, too.

trophy collection containing two fat ladies for my best friend and me for OM 2021 race after

Meanwhile I did seven races along the 226k distance. The green medal at the right onto the arrow is from relay-competition along the 226k with me as the swimmer, having mangaged a sub9h. Sub9h as a single starter is not possible, however, if all wents well, and that is why I need to give up smoking, tomorrow, on Sunday, 28th of June 2020, well, a sub10h result can be possible, that is difficult to get as of the wind on at th Balic See (Ostsee) is very strong and bike split is hard.

In terms of training this means 10 month of base level activities 2 month of build-phases and one month or mesocycle of tapering in July 2021, then.

Let´s see how it goes. Press thumbs for Micho to stay safe and healty, that is the most important in any sport. And if all does go good, well then, kick Micho´s arse for to race hard at Glücksburg!


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