Sunday, May 22, 2022

2d in the saddle with loadings triathlon after

Triathlon after normal it is recommended to relax and reload batteries, regeneration is needed to recover from stress, both mentally and bodily and sure the body needs to rest race-after. Somehow I decided on Sunday to start to bike testing my new electronic equipment in affairs of bike-packing.

 pic 1: my bike new electric equipment on in the low-rider system (front) at the lake of Happurg

The first kilometers had been easy and after a break, some twaddling and a beer at a camping-site in Etzelwang it was fun to ride on single-trail and cross country direction to the East, to reach the fishing ground as of me, licensed for a life-time, I took my fishing rods with me (as you can see on pic 1)

pic 2: this houses are where I do train with racing-bike alonga barred road in winter, wheres in spring, sure, off-road biking is possible

Actually it was planned to stay overnight at Monte Kaolino camping-site, but hunger was strong, so in Hirschau I discovered Istanbul Döner store to my surprise and ate a lot had cool Cokes and recovered until decision was made to continue riding in the twilight at full moon.

pic 3: famous sand factory at Mt. Kaoline Hirschau producing pure white, Sunday, 15th of May

Having to have set front and rear lights it had been another 25 Kilometers to go at night to reach the lake for fishing and camping. Luckily, having arrived lately at Sunday, I was the only one there in an area we call Bavarian Canada. 

pic 4: the next day, Monday, 16th of May

Having had a good night in the tent fsihing was fun, caught two fishes, a breese fish and a rahter big carp a little later. I decided to make fish-soup out of it (pic 5) and made no fire. Then, all the loadings had to be reordered onto the bike. Outward journey took me 113 kilometers, return journey was 100 kilometers, back along rivers, Mt. Kaolino, Istanbul Döner in Hirschau, but the, without detour, the straight way home, having had alcoholics at filling-station in Sulzbach-Rosenberg and at Papa Joes in Etzelwang, before the last 35k had to be absolved in the sunset.

pic 5: having had to smoke while preparing fish-soup on Monday

All in all I was 12 hrs and 12 minutes in the saddle at an average of 17,6 km/h and loadings like normal between 25 and 32 kilogram. Was fun to ride, camp and fish. With the new equipment, including a new world receicer also, I can directly load with solar-panel. Having had some beer after arrival and fun to explore the treetops and see through to discover the stars, well, I found out with my own eyes of the Earth is moving listening to the music, that stems from radio "Coca-Cola" (pic 6). 

pic 6: world receiver radio "Coca-Cola"

This reminds me to a good old joke: "Who had been the first on the Moon? Well, it had been the Russian. As of the Russians on painted the moon all red. The American were second, but wrote Cola-Cola on it."

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