Monday, November 24, 2014

my inventions became reality

Like  mentioned in a former post here on my blog and discussed in the internet my patented invention "Aeroend" (DE 10 2008 028 793 B4) has being put on reality realized by US top-company TREK. Furthermore the "Jetnose-Concept" has been used to make time trial bikes faster, too. Like predicted in my script DE 10 2007 032 033 A1 - you can investigate this at the domain of the german patent and trademark office ( - my concepts lead to further development concerning aerodynamic.

Although the new stuff does look much more better in comparision to my handmade two-dimensional drawings, well, I am still a little bit sceptic if all those aero geeks are sold that much. The bike looks loaded, so mainly competitors ironman-distance will benefit. However the draft-box makes sence to be installed for short-distance, too. 

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