Saturday, May 30, 2015

triathlon in Ingolstadt ahead

After have taken part in some competitions from November 2014 to May 2015, which had been good results among as for e.g. 3rd place team-competition at Germany´s most old cross-country race, or the first place in master-class at a 10.000k race recently, I decided to focus on speed and power but less onto endurance. Now there are two weeks left to be ready for peek performance. The 2015 triathlon-season starts in Ingolstadt.

swim-training team yesterday 

Prepared rather good triathlon-races are ahead now. For my friends and me it is a great thing to start next on 14th of June in Ingolstadt, where HQ of the company of AUDI is, who are also sponsor of the races. Some do compete in Ingolstadt Germany mastery over the sprint-distance, which is a 750m swim, followed by a 20k time trial on bike and a 5k run finally. Me, I do compete olympic-distance (1,5 - 40 -10) having the great honor to be together with Faris Al-Sultan at the start, who is also Bavarian and World Champion, the IRONMAN of the year of 2006. 

Next 1,5 weeks are full of interval-training, and few long-slow-distance units on bike for joy. Then tapering starts. For info visit Triathlon Ingolstadt where you can see grand master of triathlon Faris in action. For race-info go to > Veranstaltung 2015 <.

It`ll be a hard race and concurrence is strong. Fairplay, safety and health have priority like always. 

Good luck to all competitors! Have fun as well! Looking forward to see you in Ingolstadt!

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