Saturday, March 24, 2018

accident made season quit

At the iden of march my left elbow-bone broke into some pieces as of a bad accident. Luckily, after a very hard walk, alone, fighting unconsciousness and thus death in the winter and coldness of deep forrests nature in Southern Germany, finally, having reached the lodge of Edelweiss (Bavaria) rescue services had been available. Thank you to the owners there for first aid and a big cup of alcoholics high-percentage. Then, rescue team asked me to scale pain onto a scale from 1-10. One of the owneress' spoke for me. She said 11...- according to my facial expressions. After being hung on the drip, I was brought to the operating room straightly, being put together by a good surgeon, who made a good job (and got aching while doing this). After I had been "zerschmettert" (samshed) - leg, shoulder, hand and head had been impacted also - he put my mind in order, too. Thank you God 🙏, who sent me an angel in white, thank you, could be worse, and thank you again, I am all in one.
the symbol of the Red Cross in Germany
Thank you also to my close friends and family, esp. to Andreas, too, who rather frequently went to hospital and helped me out at home for the most necessary also like carrying beverages and fuel. Luckily, he had not to clean my arse! Thank you to my coach OMG, Mr. Speedy Gonzalez a ka Duke of Endor, who did motivate me for a come back...- as acutally, I wanted to quit long-distance-triathlon. I do not think I would have had the willpower to get it going again, however, a good coach has to readjust an athlete's mind appropriate. Thank you also to my team-mates here for not letting me down. I' ll be back, next year. In Switzerland, probably. But first of all that injury takes time to heal and this is the ultimate priority now.
Go hard, push yourself to the limits and further! How often and widely spread are these slogans, rather popular meanwhile. In order to go where the magic happens, in order to leave comfort-zone, in order to see the invisible and doing the impossible? Always calculate risks as life might be short. If you go to the fields make sure having tighened all loose ends before. There might not be time for recapitulation, a fractual of a few secs only. Death can be silent and quick, a merciless hunter, that makes us all die. There are no survivors on that Earth.
See you on the courses next year! If God wants, of course..

*edit: the fracture at the x-ray pictures look terribly and therefore it is not suitable for all age groups, thus censored.

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