Thursday, March 1, 2018

empowernment works

As known, 65 of the 246 indoor swimming pools in Bavaria are affected by restrictions, restoration or closure. In the news it was written about it an called a political disaster. 

The state wants to save costs, although half of the primary school students can no longer swim. The Wasserwacht (German for "Baywatch") has problems training young people. Public health also suffers from the restrictions, as swimming is less harmful to the joints than almost any other sport. In addition, swimming is fun. One did not want to let it spoil in Lauf, because also here the lever should be attached. The limitation on the opening times and even the closure of the Laufer indoor pool for the public was to be read. Much to the displeasure of the numerous bathers, who find a very well-operated indoor swimming pool on site. Consequently, a citizens' initiative had formed.

This is what a successful citizens' initiative looks like.
(Image has been approved by CEO and all bathers, as well as the report for the news).

In the meantime, one could agree on a compromise. Although all bathers have to cope with a price increase, they can still look forward to continuous opening hours. However, the theme of "indoor swimming pool" not only rippled in the city council. Even the bathers themselves have approached each other, so that sports swimmers and the majority of the less ambitious bathers take each other into consideration, in order to be able to optimally use the space, which is also limited because of the children, on five lanes.

(one might remember the conflicts that had arisen out of this. Problems, that had been texted and had an interested audience of 30000+ readers that time at the most best triathon-portal For the video made out of this and broadcasted on Television go here: [channel: BR3 /in German] ;-)  ).

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