Thursday, March 21, 2019

free rides in romantic franconia

After bikes had been inspected and repaired and the stability of the whole system, man and machine, is good, well, why not to ride my bicycle again?  Like so many. Good to be in Germany. Here in Franconia, the Northern part of Bavaria, that is regined from Munich, well, here we do not have mountains like in the alps, but it is hilly and good profils are able to be executed.

However, as a true triathlet, a camp on the Canary Islands is supposed to be a fine idea. Luckily, I found a good travel agent, who arranged it. So uphill-training in the warmth of the farwest Spain, lovely Islands, can come. Fuerteventura is the Island of the prisoners in former times, a rather death Island, but sandy and tricky. So this year me, I myself Micho, decided to book flights for holidays on Lanzarote, where training should be extended. Gran Canaria is not really suitable for biking. Teneriffa a little better, sure. To be honest: uphill training is a good thing in general. And  I am looking forward to the climbs. A nice surf camp is on the list of places to be visited, too, may be more or less often.

Fun in free bike-riding in German winter. Pitstop somewhere for photo.

The mild climate of Lanzarote, that is said to be location for the most hard IRONMAN, which is done every year late in May, well, it is an good argument to make the right descision to go for triathlon-training there in April in order to be fit for competitions, and thus, rides become more structured over that. 

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