Thursday, May 23, 2019

I do not play the ukulele, but I do play the trumpet!

This e-mail reached me for the "Cappo break" yesterday. Well then, Rox'anna or something like that...


Hello, Michael,

At IRONMAN we perceive many aspects of Hawaiian culture as the birthplace of our competition and venue of the IRONMAN World Championship.Many words in Hawaii have a special meaning that involves more than direct translation - Aloha, Mahalo, Ohana. 
Ohana is the term of a large family. It can include your cousins, your friends and your community.
Ohana is associated with responsibility and the expectation to act with integrity and good intent - both towards your Ohana and as a representative of your Ohana.
It is about acting with justice.
It means to be attentive.
It is about trying to be willing to learn, understanding and respectful. Ohana represents a special bond: the big family, working together, supporting each other and remembering each other.
In 2019 we honour and celebrate our Ohana - you, our athletes, our volunteers, our coaches, our spectators, our team, our partners and our hosts.
We look forward to continuing to share this special bond as we celebrate our shared sporting spirit and love of triathlon.

me, I myself Micho's Hibiscus Badge 

Look out for the 2019 Hibiscus Badge and keep the memory of this incredible Ohana in mind. Thank you for being a part of it.


my comment on that: jo, I have the seahorse. In bronze. And so I also made the 1,5-fold (forward somersault) of the 3m feather. Last time I bruised my face because I hadn't got my hands in front of it. It also hurt my shoulders and the cross. So it was, at that time, in the diving phase when I jumped from the 3 meter board. And yes, I pay attention to my hibiscus badge. Aloha, Mahloa, Ohana.

*edit: the thing that I participate in the lottery for a starting place at the IM in Hawaii, I hereby reject a priori.

annotation: Translated from German with

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