Friday, April 10, 2020

CCC - Corona Crisis Cup

This kind of flu called corona like the mexiacan beer also affected sports, sport-events and triathlon-competitions. Three of my six registered races had been cancelled and delayed.

Therefore some activists called for CCC, that is not Chaos Computer Club, an organisation initiated by hackers to show facilites and services lacks in security-systems, e.g. in atomic power plants the last millenium. By the way, nowadays, some of those hackers had been hired and do work for the German secret service for foreign affairs called Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). The BND and its manpower works from abroad and does inform the government for the purpose to pass through analysis to the German gov to propperly estimate foreign affairs. The CCC- Corona Crisis Cup has nothing to do with that. As of competitions in May had been cancelled, most of them, participants collect miles on bike.

Micho collecting miles for CCC - here at Franconian Switzerland an area in Northern Bavaria. 

As of my A-priority competition is going to be launched in August systematical training makes sence over that. However, indoor-pools are closed and lakes' water-temperatures are too cold for swim-training-units. No need to indulge! Moreover I am lucky as of Challenge Roth, IRONMAN Frankfurt and IRONMAN Hamburg, the three mega-events within Germany in affairs of triathlon, had been cancelled, but not so  OSTSEEMAN (OM) I do take part along the 226k this year, that is shedulded later in the season. May be it has to do as of some soldiers esp. those of special forces do compete there for military ranking. Click here to get fetch impressions: .

Above all happy Eastern to all of us & keep on tri-ing! 

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