Thursday, April 23, 2020

golden year has been cancelled

Meanwhile all events in endurance-sports concerning triathlon had been cancelled. There is no Collins-Cup, no Olympic Games, no Ironman in Hamburg and Frankfurt had been delayed. If Ironman on Hawaii can take place is a big question. Team Bahrain members, professionals, keep on tri-ing, like e.g. Jan Frodeno does indoor-ironman at home or Alistar Brownlee collects miles for social purposes, too. Me, as an amateur, not having trained for Kona Big Island, I do not.

A-priority competition, the Ostseeman, has been cancelled and all the other events, too. There is only a sprint-distance left that still has status go. However,  0,3 - 20 -5 kilometers are not the same than 3,8 - 180,2 -42,2 kilometers. What to do? Keep on training? In Bavaria outdoor-sports as a single athlets or groups in two are allowed. After having done seven ironman-distances and together with PROs in relay having fought the clock sub9 (8:59:35 h min sec) in Roth 2016 for me it is time set new goals. The Ostseeman was planned to be a milestone in order make qualification in 2021 for ironman on Hawaii. Motivation based on military ranking in order to compete with participants from the special forces. Moreover as part of the team located in the Arabic culture and a lot of money having set, like in 2014, when such a delegation was in Nuremberg for business having watched Challenge Roth in their leizure time, well, for 2020 this was all for nothing and contracting ended last week, when I was allowed to and retreated from this sponsoring by such a billionaires. This has to do with the crash of  PS752, too, that changed priorities anyway in January. Moreover, there will not be any further investigation of those two eurofighters of the German military lost at the Ostsee last year in 2019. And especially as of last year I took a high risk ride by bike  through the Balkans, having had MAD (the internal German military secret service) as my companion. Misson was partly succsessful. Norhtern Marcedonia is within the NATO now, but not so Serbia. This does all sound crazy, I know. To be honest, there was no time for being crazed at all. For me, almost 20 years after 9/11 and gotten hooked up within the last millenium, now it looks like corona-catastrophee brought peace. What to do as of this affairs? If you are interested in check search the web for the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) and a B-weapon specialist` in the rank of a Lt. Cmdr. report as of what happened in Wuhan. Me, I'm too old, meanwhile that Corona Crisis is a good opprtunity to close that blog.

If you are interessted in this my whole personal desaster 3athletisches & 3athletisches can tell you. It had been analysed by think-tank of German special command forces. Nowadays, and with that Pandemia, these things there are not part of the agenda anymore.

However, endurance- and multi-sports are more than competition. It is rather a good philosophy than can bring you through life despite all things one is hooked up to.

This is where you might find me: somewhere among or on those Jurassic Sea's stones.

The last words are dedicated to my benefactor, who made me split by using power and knowledge. He liked to say: It is nice to be important, but is more important to be nice.

 As of visions & values (and thus backup):

"On the path of deception we will prevail."

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