Saturday, September 28, 2013

pictures from IRONMAN Frankfurt 2013

The season 2013 is over and I am in the regeneration period. In November new season starts being coached again, also running diagnostics, with focus onto CHALLENGE Roth on 20.7.2013. Hope to get fully recoverd from a long season as there where two additional training cycles (3:1) in August and September. Although not having reached my time in Frankfurt I am satisfied. The analysis of the season is already done and some changes of training are structured.

athletes in race mode 30' to go

round about 2500 participants at swim start

swim exit after 3.8k

second lap, 5k to "heartbreak hill"

preparing for bike exit, 180,2k done

1st lap out of four, only 30k to go ...

final spurt last 200m at Römer FFM

crossing the finish-line, 226k = done

A change of the paradigm?

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