Thursday, April 28, 2016

invitation for CHALLENGE Regensburg 14th of August

Undoubtly there is reason to lecture about training-methods and life-style too, however I am sorry of not-doing that, may be later. 

Race-season started, e.g next Saturday for me I myself actually I should defend title in age-group in a local 10k-race. However, I will go biking long-slow-distance instead that day to enjoy spring-time to see the nature and nurture in the most best state of the world. According to the latest survey done by the University of Philadelphia - among 16000 people being interview througout all social layers in 190 countries - it`s not California.  Bavaria officially is the most best state of the world. 

Come here to join mega-event CHALLENGE Regensburg on 14th of August, done in the famous Bavarian town, former stronghold of the ancient Rome, UNESCO world cultural heritage nowadays. 

That places will be full of ten thousands of people, who do celebrate a huge party together with triathletes and people from all over the globe. Among us: Regensburg or Ratisbon, dervied from Latin Castra Regina, has a very good night-life in deed.

*by this opportunity one can be really pround of that blog become a truely international one, followed from many parts of the world now. E.g. its nice to have many readers in the United States of America.

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