Friday, June 29, 2018

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon ahead

First of all, honor to whom does honor belong. Heiko Gentes did a great right error, by having founded Team LORENZ. By his own he registered for that Short-Distance (Kurzdistanz [KD]) at the lake, that name is Rothsee. Thus, with no further words just a mere picture.

Heiko crossed the finish-line, for heaven`s sake, he did !

Secondly, in the name of the team we say thank you for our new supporter, the filling station around the corner. It`s nice to feel support any team needs. Also thank you very much to ELCH-BREW, let`s say for holding the line. Meanwhile we all drank that much beer made in Thuisbrunn, so that it is planned to build a highway to that small village in romantical Franconia as of the people can come faster to the beer. True? True. May be it is a good thing for me, I myself Micho, to look for that topic to go there and make sure of the highway isn`t going to be build!

Now, for me, well I started systematical training and already finised a 10k race in 47:47 min sec. Rather slow. But no wonder as of too much tobacco-enjoyment and easy life as of that injury. Thanks God I can do go run fast again. This way in September there is a race along the halfmarathon distance in sight. Swim-training should serve as recompensation. I have no choice as to train rhythmically again. Otherwise my coach might be upset. 

Like predicted in my first post ever here on that blog I want to start in Frankfurt. Marathon. Late in October. I already booked my hotel and look forward a lot. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

two stupidos on the road to Roth

What is a triathlete without a car? A triathlete without a car is lost. Rather simple. How to transport all the staff? And what is a triathlete without a team? Luckily my own team was founded and supported from the local filling-station ELO with alcoholics not only for the race-after celebration.

Thus, for the last week three things of importance are to be reported. First, my friend Heiko, who is the Geschwadermaster (a most best athlete of the NATO-squadron [Jagdgeschwader 73]) founded Team LORENZ by online-registration on the Rothsee-Triathlon, a short-distance-race or a 5i50 IRONMAN, executed last Sunday, coached by the Geschwafelmaster himself (me, Micho a ka Labarito), who became domesticated, too, having gotten all 400 out of 400 points in a 4 hrs manual-test in social-psychology at German University. A result never appeard bevor. 100.00%.

two Trottels make the trottle: intelligence and strength on wheels (a ka Team Lorenz).

Secondly,  it was Heikos turn to bring honor to the team, and set a benchmark by doing swim bike run at Rothsee 5i50 IRONMAN. After those kilometeres, 1,5 - 42 - 10, as an ongoing father he made it in 2:37 hrs min, thus, a more than good and respectable result. Still having a broken arm I cannot start any competition this year concerning triathlon. However, my coach Mr. Speedy Gonzales (aka OMG from MEX) insisted to go run for a Marathon in Frankfurt on 28th of October. 

Happy of having done it all and also of x-ray picture of my arm looks fine, we look to future optimistically. Thus third a warm welcome to our new sponsor, the local filling-station of ELO just around the block. Thank you for your support!

just mere pictures from German Mastery '22 (swim bike run 226k)

  swim exit after 3,86k in salty water water temp 19,2°C air even colder bike set-up: Zipp 808 and Cosmic Carbon 404 180,2k time trail on a ...