Monday, May 27, 2019

race-report olympic distance in Ingolstadt

Not as fast as my Audi but still, having slept well, last Sunday it was time to make prove move training to competition. Time to beat had been 2:18 h min from 2015 in Ingolstadt that time. The alarm-clock rang at 4:40 o'clock. So there was time to travel easily, to fetch start-number and for bike-check in as well as to twaddle with athletes. 

Being placed in group 1 my start was 10:10 a.m., together with 199 others having to do a triangular 1500m swim course. Water was fresh at 16.8 ° C, but good to swim with neopren-suit? Not really, as of being part of a rocking pack one is more shocked in case of getting too close to each other, e.g. my swim-glases had been beaten of my head. Rather slow, after 26' 25'', I entered T1 and needed 4'14'' to get onto my bike. Why so slow? No need to take risk and therefore using click-predals as of that titanium that is still in my arm. Sure, meanwhile the bone is so hard and healthy suitable to damage the asphalt, a rookie joked.

The bike-split is a fast course, however, good attention is to pay. Two times I was skilled enough to avoid accident. In aeropostion an empty bottle of water was to overcross and another time a very fast athlete overtook me while I already overtook another, slower one at a speed of 42-43 km/h, thus three athletes on one side of the road in aeropositon. It had been centimeters only. Finally, I came to T2 after 1:07:03 h min sec on the bike, not too slow and not too fast. In good mental condition I managed to leave transition-zone in 44 seconds.

The last metres along olympic-distance in Ingolstadt.

However, the first k was hard and rather slow in 4:24 min sec. Somehow it was really hard at this stage of the race, surprisingly. The run-split was a two loops course around the lake. Well, race after the solution was clear: legs had been hard as of the bike-split, because combined bike & run training was neglected. With the begin of loop 2 running became more fluid, k6 I could run in 4'10'' and k7 was little slower. But like in 2015 I lost a lot of time k8 and k9 and do not know why. Sure, exhaustion and pain increases. Luckily Don Indi cheered on athletes by microphone and loudspeekers, so that I could speed-up the last 400 metres. With exactly 44' the run-split is a little slow, but ok, as well as my total time is 2.22 h min. Finally, all competitors gathered in the athletes garden and "King of Kona" Patrick Lange gave autograph session and honored the most fast later.

Rehearsal for Ironman in Nice, France, went rather well, but there is still plenty to do: 1. combined training bike & run, like e.g. easy long on bike and long-run after or hard on bike and long-run after. 2. I need to loose weight. 83 kilogramm is too much as of Nice's bike-course contains 2095 metres of elevation. And 3. I need to stop smoking, especially before the race. And this is the advantage of competitive sport at semi-pro level. One can drink, smoke and have sleepless nights. Not so on the professional-level. Thus, 

above all I am happy, being in one piece and contended as of the result. Let's see what season 2019 brings. Fun like in Ingolstadt, of course, a race that must be recommended!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

I do not play the ukulele, but I do play the trumpet!

This e-mail reached me for the "Cappo break" yesterday. Well then, Rox'anna or something like that...


Hello, Michael,

At IRONMAN we perceive many aspects of Hawaiian culture as the birthplace of our competition and venue of the IRONMAN World Championship.Many words in Hawaii have a special meaning that involves more than direct translation - Aloha, Mahalo, Ohana. 
Ohana is the term of a large family. It can include your cousins, your friends and your community.
Ohana is associated with responsibility and the expectation to act with integrity and good intent - both towards your Ohana and as a representative of your Ohana.
It is about acting with justice.
It means to be attentive.
It is about trying to be willing to learn, understanding and respectful. Ohana represents a special bond: the big family, working together, supporting each other and remembering each other.
In 2019 we honour and celebrate our Ohana - you, our athletes, our volunteers, our coaches, our spectators, our team, our partners and our hosts.
We look forward to continuing to share this special bond as we celebrate our shared sporting spirit and love of triathlon.

me, I myself Micho's Hibiscus Badge 

Look out for the 2019 Hibiscus Badge and keep the memory of this incredible Ohana in mind. Thank you for being a part of it.


my comment on that: jo, I have the seahorse. In bronze. And so I also made the 1,5-fold (forward somersault) of the 3m feather. Last time I bruised my face because I hadn't got my hands in front of it. It also hurt my shoulders and the cross. So it was, at that time, in the diving phase when I jumped from the 3 meter board. And yes, I pay attention to my hibiscus badge. Aloha, Mahloa, Ohana.

*edit: the thing that I participate in the lottery for a starting place at the IM in Hawaii, I hereby reject a priori.

annotation: Translated from German with

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