Thursday, February 22, 2018

Doing the impossible - 40 years of IRONMAN

40 years ago some few people gathered and had a crazy idea. In order to find out the most hardest, well, why not to put the most hard marathons of the three endurance sports, swim, bike and run, together? Why not to do that marathons in a row nonstop? 3.86 - 180.2 - 42.195??? Sounds crazy, it is. This is how it all started  February 18, 1978, first people did the impossible. 

The godfathers of our ingenious sport.

Nowadays there are round about 95000 active long-distance triathletes worldwide. Thus, that crazyness spreads. In order to do the impossible, virtues like discipline, strength, endurance, mental hardiness, dedication to task, realism and so forth are needed to be mentioned. Today Ironmen are not said to be crazy anymore. The last adventure of man isn't building a house....To become an Ironman means to be given accolade.

just mere pictures from German Mastery '22 (swim bike run 226k)

  swim exit after 3,86k in salty water water temp 19,2°C air even colder bike set-up: Zipp 808 and Cosmic Carbon 404 180,2k time trail on a ...