Sunday, February 7, 2021

Season 2021 - interim conclusion

Dear folks, followers and foolowers ; - ) , my dear audience, thank you for reading.

Having started training in September 2020, the first five meso-training-periods had been done. Thus, September easy training, with pushing hard the ongoing months with a longer break from the middle of January 2021 till now. Tomorrow activities in endurance sport, mainly at base-level, are relaunched. 

Season 2021 will be tricky again. There is a 400m-all out swim-test shedulded 1st of April open water like a Cooper-Test (3,2k or 2 miles) has to be done early April, also. Meanwhile I decided to stop indoor-biking, no more indoor-biking at all. This was a difficult decision as for Ostseeman and according to the bike-split, 30/30 and 40/20 intervalls are needed to be done outdoors. In the literature, this is not the same than short powerful uphill-intervalls, that are up to 60 - 90 seconds. The bike-split at Glücksburg is a four loops course, that has corners, u-turns and small hills. Thus, uphill-training is not that much recommended the long and powerful way, like e.g. 5 x 12 minutes. Moreover, like mentioned, 4 x 40 minutes in time-trial mode is going to be done in training, starting with 4 x 10 minutes at race-pace in April. Thus enough time for short hard intervalls on flat terrain and brutal uphill sprints, also good for the 3rd discipline e.g. 100m full sprints at 10% inclination. For the 1st discipline athletic-training is done at home, thus push-ups, sit-ups and so forth, but no special training with elastic ropes e.g. As a rather good swimmer in techniques it should not be a problem to get fit for OSTSEEMAN 1st of August as soon tempertures are sufficient and may be pools do open in May.

Micho on his FOCUS IZALCO CHRONO made by Andreas Walser.

So tomorrow, after a 3-week-holidays, I do restart my routines in order to be fit for 400m-test in the water, a cooper-test in April and to lay ground for fast and long bike intervalls. I do not think as of the virus and do trust politicans and event-managers to find realistic and acceptable solutions. For that purporse I ordered full face masks. In case of race-directors decide their use as a duty? No, just for fun and to look like a fighter jet-pilot on bike.

Train safe and love sport! See you on the tracks and thank you this way to my sponsors, my pr-agent Jutta Keller (click: and my team-mates. What did I do meanwhile? A trophy-gallery says more than 1001 pictures. [1]

Yours, sincerely,

Michael Lorenz a ka Micho


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