Sunday, July 24, 2016

fun competitions done

Like mentioned that week-end fun competitions had been shedulded. 

The first one was a relay team-competiton, both teams did well, being on the podium (2nd) and also top10 (9th place). For data go www: Me, I did run round about 4,2k in 16:40 min sec, that´s an average of 3:55 min/sec a kilometer. Luckily that 7th leg was not too hard. First athletes had to run downhill, with inclination was pretty enough, so I needed to talk to DJ Diabolo, who had worn his head-phones to listen to his own mixes, in order to let me pass him by to be in second row. 

What about strategy? Only fun-competiton? Thus I asked our team-manager and he advised me to go for 10th place, and with to be the 9th that stage I did so my job, a hard run, as it became pretty hot and humid, after the course left shadowed areas to go right straight further to the finish-line besides an old channel-system for ship`s ahoy in the former centuries. Nowadays, we have the Rhine-Main-Danube-Channel-System that area, in which the swim-split of Datev Challenge Roth has been done, a great event this year also, with Jan Frodeno among, who made the fastest time ever along the 226k (7h 35 min). So the second-half of my leg was pretty hard, I needed to defend ranking.

After a beer without alcohol in (alkoholfrei) and twaddling with finishers, also orga-team and friends, well, pretty busy a new friend and me walked back to the village of where the start had been, and I drove back to the local pool to be a part of the pilot, to reach the second fun-competition, the swim&chess duathlon I mentioned. 
All I can say out of my role in this is to mention openings. And all I want to say is we didn´t talk about gambit. It wasn`t the day of battle-simulation, we had a real hard situation in Munich, as you can see of the GSG9, the German anti-terror unit, that was needed to be launched. 

Concerning relay, both teams had been honored by the opportunity of a local feast in a big tent, a nice gathering of many athletes. Politicans did well not to cancel that traditional and really pretty well organised sport-event esp. the closing-ceremony. We all agreed on life goes on and had a good time. However, not so easy to forget what happened. I also twaddled with guy from security-business, who`s company secured the feast like it is usual at those feasts country-side, and he confirmed of the politicians desicion was right, as there had not been a warning for Northern Bavaria, however, some of his collegues had been sent to the South of.  

Today IRONMAN Switzerland is done in Zurich, the most little cosmopolitian-city of the world like people from Zürich say so. Also me, well, Zürich is, a very nice town. Nice memories, but not only.

Oh dear! The Ironman Switzerland wasn´t the only event that week-end,  
picture is from Saturday before race-day, Zurich inner city, July 2011 

Last but not least build-phases are complete, almost, so with the next week tapering starts.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

3rd place in mixed-relay

After some two good results along the short-distance, a competition followed spontaneously, done last Sunday, 3rd of July.

Unfortunatelly our team-manager was busy that pretty morning and thus not with us, however, we managed rather good, and finally our team registered as "Team Degussa Laufer Freibad" was mentioned in the newspaper, besides those who had been really fast and did celebrate club-championships also. Meanwhile, we all told our manager rather happily about he wanted to know, and finally we are all glad having fought the clock at Baggersee Hersbruck successfully.

3rd place in mixed-relay, we have done it, the three of us !

To answer questions concerning the competiton, which was along the sprint-distance (.3 - 20 - 5), well, I would like to do that by embedding a video. Go web and look for match-code: Volkstriathlon DAV Hersbruck + 29. Auflage. If you would like to see a clip. Thank you very much to my friends, team-mates and acquaintances for acompany again, and also thank you to DAV Hersbruck, who do organize such a simply good triathlon.

The last week training wasn´t that much but not too less also. So I feel ok to go for build-period 2 to reach my peek in August. For Regensburg, Germany,  I am not really nervous. I was advised to go do the swim-split not too fast. Before, there are other so-called "fun-competitions", a run-relay with team-mates different distances and a chess&swim-duathlon.

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