Thursday, August 27, 2015

some results season done

Season 2014/15 was exciting like every season in our sports! There was a lot of good atmosphere in training and competitons, some results are worthy to be presented. This year I could not manage to compete mega event, however I am motivated to prepare for to be a part of Challenge Regensburg next season!

Some selected results:

05.12.14  10k Nikolauslauf Forchheim: 4th rank age-group
25.01.15  12k Prellsteinrennen: 1st place team
24.04.15  10k Hohenstadt: 1st rank age-group
09.05.15  Landkreislauf (relay): 6th place team 
14.06.15  olympic distance Ingolstadt: 12th in age group / 74th overall
23.08.15  10k Nürnberg: 3rd in age-group / 15th overall (picture)

Trimichi and Bashian, 15th and 7th overall, 
both ranked 3rd in age-groups.

So now it feels like off-season and regeneration-mode. It`ll be a long run until Challenge Regensburg in August 2016. Time for gymnastics, streching, relaxing and some easy training. 

My regards to CHALLENGE race-director Felix, thank you very much for official and public invitation to Challenge Roth 2016!

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