Tuesday, December 18, 2018

satellite navigation made in England

We all know the UK, especially England as a or even as the seafaring nation. For many centuries ships made in England had been the most best. Who wonders of nowadays most common spread satellite-watches are made in England. The company of Garmin offers different series of sport-watches. Meanwhile it are smart-watches also, even commanded by the rotation of the wrist joint. A clock in the upper price class is a status-symbol also. Especially among triathletes. Relevant for me as a portsman, who does do training in different countrys and on different terrains are the satellite functions. It is good of the fenix seris using GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO. The United States of America, Russia and Europe cooperate in this projects of sports. Well, this all had been argument enough to give such a new watch a chance as well as of the fact of a 40% discount arranged by the military, although I was sceptical, because ten years ago the calibrations of the satellite-systems available lacked precision.

fenix 5s plus

After three weeks in use, well, it is worth its price, although most function I do not need, especially the smart-functions. The many tools left for usage in sports make fun. Training is fun. The watch works. Its not only nice to have. Moreover, you never need to worry that any place on the globe you get disconnected. The lithium-accumulater does not let you down, you are safe for fully two weeks and it is recharged within few minutes. Do not believe? It is top technology, intelligent designed. Moreover, one can switch the watch to military-mode. Try it! May be you are surprised ...

So now, there is still left titanium from Russia in my arm. Grey like my watch is calibrated to the colours of grey, totally. My arm will not win an award of beauty, but it looks like it'll be all right for any triathlon. Today in German winter I cycled 96 kilometers and ran 11k after. Thinking of the Empire I offer myself a pint of Guiness.

Press thumbs for the surgeon to get out all the screws and metal in my arm in January. Soon days become longer again! 2019 will be a great triathlon season, and thank you for discount this way again, also.

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