Saturday, August 1, 2020

Preparing for the ongoing season with OM '21 as A-Prio

Having travelled by bike and by caravan thru Germany, Switzerland and France, presently we already checked-out and had time for the most important to do Australia. Luckily, the new Wi-Fi ob Board does work well, thus good opportunity to follow my duties that contain having created shedules, that contain my own, too, for sure.

Like Anne Haug, Ironman Worldchampion of the last year, did recommend, long and slow base-level activities are to be done during the summer. With 2249k along 18 stages I did, partly supported from the Caravan, partly not. In the middle of France I decided to head Bordeaux instead of Nantes. Then we met for surfing in the region of Bayonne and took flights from Paris to Northern Territory. Thus, August and September are shedulded as unstructured and easy training, as of holidays, office-stuff and surfing to be done, but nut only. May be we marry in Ooctober.

Training-sheldule for Michael Lorenz for OM '21 sub10h trial:

OCT: Regeneration-Period
NOV: Base 1 (3:1)
DEC: Base 2 (3:1)
JAN:  Base 3 (3:1)
FEB:  Base 4 (3:1)
MAR: Base 5 (3:1)
APR: Base 6 (3:1)
MAY: Build 1 (3:1) Test-Race 16.5.2021 along the Olympic-distance in Weiden (Oberpfalz, Germany)
JUN: Build 2 (3:1)
JUL: Peek (3:1)
AUG: Race, 1.8.2021 along the magical of 226k in and around Glücksburg (Germany, Ostsee).
Holidays amount this period in above in total: 21d. 

LIT: <tit> S.E.R.I.O.U.S. Training for endurance athletes; <aut> Joe Friel.

This is a picture of her wedding-dress bought at Alice Springs (left one), shoes also. I will wear my triathlon-racing-suit in mimikry-yellow & vulcano-blackstone plus flips-flops , to respect the marriage-tradition of the Philippines, sure.

Now it is really time to go for the playa, regards from Stockholm, like triathletes say in such a case. For sure I do go swimming, cycling is needed to be paused for some time, but jogging is on duty, sure. Eventually after return to Europe I might participate in 10k or even HM-competitions in Autum. We'll see. 


CLEANING THE AIR at 4th of November 2020:

- to show off marriage-dress that way does mean of marriage, yes, but with Us-Army, sure, for to go race hard as a registered athlete for USAG at OM '21, if Mr. Husen (race-director) still has the trousers on we all hope so. Micho will be faster than those elite-troops from the German military. Have a bet? 

- actually it is unlikely of OSTSEEMAN ist eaten up by the company of IRONMAN, despite of the fact the company was sold from a Chinese to the Californian Billionaire for 730 Million US Dollar early this in this that year 2020. That means 180 Million US Dollar plus (plusminus) for the WANDA group. Good to know of the General Manager made transfer IRONMAN to the us again. It´s coming home, like insiders said.

just mere pictures from German Mastery '22 (swim bike run 226k)

  swim exit after 3,86k in salty water water temp 19,2°C air even colder bike set-up: Zipp 808 and Cosmic Carbon 404 180,2k time trail on a ...